Trying To Conceive? Say Hello To Mosie. The Perfect Syringe For Making A Baby At Home. 


Try Mosie Before IUI or IVF.

If you want to start a family but traditional methods aren’t living up to your expectations or simply aren’t an option, Mosie can help. Designed by women for women, Mosie is a proven, easy-to-use alternative worth trying before IUI, IVF and other more costly, invasive and involved procedures.

We understand firsthand that the conception and fertility process can be an emotional rollercoaster. That’s why we created Mosie, the first insemination syringe developed specifically to help you get pregnant in the privacy of your own home. Mosie is safe, affordable, and as familiar to use as a tampon. Mosie is MD-endorsed with a patent-pending design that's simply perfect for making a baby!

Mosie's been making families since 2015 and is available right now without a prescription.

I think Mosie will have a significant impact in the home-fertility market and will help many women conceive more easily.
— Fertility Specialist, Lisa Hansard M.D.

How Do You Make A Baby With This Mosie Thing? Does Mosie Really Work? Is Mosie A Nice Product? 

Don't take our word for it. Read stories from the women and families who've become pregnant using Mosie as well as reviews from professional fertility experts. Click here for the scoop.

conception 101: Help & Advice

When all you want is to start or expand your family, the fertility process can be frustrating, embarrassing and emotionally draining. We get it and we believe knowledge is power. Check out our Conception 101 Videos for bite sized morsels of conception wisdom featuring Mosie Co-founder Maureen Brown. And head over to our Conception 101 Main page,  for a cornucopia of home fertility goodness featuring Maureen's informative, easy-to-understand articles written from her own experience exclusively for women trying to conceive. You will also find tips & tricks, FAQ, Mosie "recommends" and more. 

Mosie's Story

The Mosie Insemination Syringe was created by Maureen and Marc Brown, along with input from their fertility specialist, Dr. Lisa Hansard. While trying to get pregnant for over two years, they searched in vain for a simple, comfortable solution for home insemination, and eventually decided to create one themselves. That’s how Mosie was born. Pun fully intended. See the whole story.

Mosie's Mission

Mosie Baby is committed to not only providing a great tool for artificial insemination at home, but also to being a voice for those pursuing alternatives to sexual intercourse to achieve conception. There is a lack of language around alternative methods for insemination and we’re here to change that. We want to empower those seeking an alternative path to pregnancy to share their story with a community of supporters. We hope that when people say, "I'm having a Mosie Baby," folks will know that baby was conceived with a whole lotta love. And we hope that when our children grow up, if they happen to struggle to conceive or prefer alternative means to conception, there will be plenty of support from a society that you, along with Mosie Baby, helped shape.

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