4 Failed IUI's Later, A Mosie Conception!


We got married January 1, 2015, I was 39, my husband 51. I had no children and my husband had two boys from his previous marriage. 

We started trying in November 2015, and in August 2016 we were told to go to an endocrinologist fertility specialist. We proceeded to have 4 failed IUI's (September, October, November & December).  We got our last negative in the middle of January. We then decided that the stress and travel to the fertility office (almost 1 & 1/2 hours away) was just too much, and we decided to stop and let God take over. Around the end of March, I started researching at-home insemination kits and fortunately I came across Mosie Baby.  I watched Maureen's videos a couple of times and sent them to my husband. We talked about it, and we decided to give Mosie a try. 

I ordered two kits in April, but I had already ovulated by the time we received them in the mail. In May, I tracked my ovulation and the day it said peak, May 7, we tried Mosie just one time.  We got our BFP on May 23!!!!

I'm 41 expecting my first baby on January 29, 2018!!  Thank you so much Mosie Baby for making our dream of becoming parents a reality!

Bobby Jo & Ernest, Kingston, NY

Goosebumps after reading this remarkable story. Thank you both for your inspiration. (and great photography skills!) - Mo & Marc

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23 Weeks And Counting, A Mosie Conception Story!

Dear Maureen & Marc, 

We are here to tell you our big news that thanks to you and Mosie (which we both think is the biggest help on the market for people trying to conceive) we are expecting our first baby! We are 23 weeks along and everything has been perfect so far. We are both from Hungary, living and working in Florida, and we are crazy excited about our upcoming little one! So we would like to say a BIG BIG BIG thank you for being a part of our journey and making the impossible possible! To be honest, the first time I thought conception might be possible was when I found Mosie after doing a crazy amount of research for the right syringe and just being disappointed over and over again. So THANK YOU. A side note from mom-to-be Krisztina, Mosie was an incredible help. It had a very comfortable, “tampon-like” feeling. And being so thoughtfully designed, it took away that uncomfortable feeling of doing something not-so-natural with those ugly and sharp syringes! Plus it means so much when you know that you don't have to worry about how far to insert, which size is the best and so on. We both wish you much success and a long and healthy life for your little ones and for you both!!!!  

With best regards, 

Monika & Krisztina, Vero Beach FL

We're beyond thrilled for you both and grateful for your kind words and generosity in providing hope to others! - Mo & Marc

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Pure Joy X2 For LGBT Couple!

Hello Maureen and Marc, 

I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for creating Mosie!  I'm very thrilled to report that we got a positive pregnancy test at 3.5 weeks, and I was stunned after having tried for months with no success. After bawling my eyes out, sending my wife out to get two more pregnancy tests to confirm (also positive), and calming from the excitement, we were left with pure joy at our anticipated rainbow baby. 

The story continues.... we just had our first ultrasound on Monday (my wife's birthday) at 6w4d and we were hoping to hear the heartbeat. The sonographer attempted an abdominal and pushed down on my tummy...a short blip on the screen showed TWO SACS. She said she wouldn't be able to see enough so she switched to a trans-vaginal sonogram and sure enough there were two babies with a little heartbeat flicker in each! 

You've helped us conceive our DOUBLE rainbow babies and we cannot thank you enough!! They are due in February. 

Thank you, a million times over.  We're over the moon. :) 

-Sheryl & Kristin, Cedar Hill, TX

Amaaaaazing story you two. We're honored to have been a part of your double rainbow journey and grateful for you decision to shout it out loud and inspire others! - M & M

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Difficult Journey Ends in Mosie Conception!

HI Maureen & Marc

I wanted to share the news that I am now pregnant! 
I've been trying to get pregnant for a year and it has been a difficult journey, but Mosie worked on the first try. Mosie worked better than any syringe I've tried and not a drop was spilled. It worked perfectly! Thank you developing Mosie and making it available. It was a great help and worked for me! Thank you for making my dream finally come true, I truly believe Mosie was part of the success!!

SB, New Mexico

SB, Thank you for your kind words and your decision to share your story! Not only does it help Mosie, but it helps others looking for a solution! - Maureen & Marc

Couple Finds Success With Mosie In India!

My wife and I have been married for 4.5 years. We wanted very badly to have a baby, but sex is a sensitive topic for her and I took it as normal. But as time went on things did not change and eventually she was diagnosed with vaginismus. Then to complicate things further we came to find out that she had a cyst on one of her ovaries. She took medication for about a year to reduce the size, but it did not work. We eventually discovered pregnancy was still possible even with the cyst. So I started researching options on the internet: general syringes, IUI, and IVF, but none of them seemed ideal. Then I was introduced to Mosie and it was like destiny. Without any thought I placed an order. The process was simple and even better, it worked. It was like a miracle happened. Thank you for your beautiful idea to create Mosie. We really appreciate you guys. I really want others in India to know about Mosie as discussion about these things is not so open. 

Best Regards,
Mrs. & Mr. Singh, Punjab 

Thank you both for your bravery in sharing this amazing journey especially from a culture that is more discreet about such things. Wishing you both a healthy term and new addition!  - Maureen & Marc

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After Trying "Regular" Syringes, Couple Conceives With Mosie On First Try!

We first decided to try for a baby in January 2017. We didn't use nor even hear of Mosie Baby at that time, and so we tried AI with a regular syringe. This attempt quickly got messy, and we struggled to get all of the semen out of the syringe, and unfortunately we were unsuccessful in conceiving. March came along and we tried again, however it was another failed attempt. So it was then I came across Mosie Baby while searching for other effective and affordable ways to conceive. Thanks to Google I stumbled across this carefully engineered syringe made especially for AI. So we relentlessly watched all of the educational content they provided and felt confident in ourselves and in the product. The process was so easy and the syringe itself exceeded our expectations by using every drop unlike a regular syringe that I learned even damages the semen. We were successful with Mosie on our first attempt. Seeing the positive PT made our emotional journey worth it. Overall the product itself was very clean and carefully constructed. The videos were so easy to understand and the instructions were so simple. Definitely worth it. Can't wait to do it again!

With love from our little Mosie Family,
A & J, Los Angeles 

Thank you both so much for taking the time to share this story with our little Mosie community. It's a big deal and we wish you much success! - Maureen & Marc

First Canadian Mosie Baby Update

Normally we'd be sharing joyful photos of a brand new babe entering the world however these soon-to-be Canadian mamas were generous enough to send us photos from a maternity shoot that they did and we couldn't resist sharing them! We first told you about them in December here, now at 39 weeks they're so close! Capturing these oh-so-special pre-baby moments is such a great idea, they'll look on back on this time for years to come. We'll be sure to let you know when their little one arrives, keep checking our blog + social media accounts!

Photos: Megan Steen Photography

After Many Attempts Amanda & Jennifer Conceive With Mosie!

We tried Mosie for the first time and we finally got our positive. We'd tried multiple methods, soft cups, and syringe after syringe (since August 2016).

We liked the design of the Mosie as it was very comfortable and the short tip allowed for least amount of sperm lost. Prior to finding Mosie, we'd tried cutting a baby medicine syringe to have a similar affect and it wasn't nearly as comfortable, and also wasn't as effective when retrieving the sperm from the various cups.

We were successful mid January 2017, and Jennifer is due October of 2017 (currently 13 weeks).

We have actually already recommended Mosie to many of our lesbian friends that have struggled to conceive and those just starting the process.

So excited to see the positive! Thank you! 

Amanda & Jennifer, Houston 

Thank you both soooo much for sharing your story and providing REAL hope to others Amanda & Jennifer. - M&M

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A Beautiful Mosie Conception Story!

Sister offers to be surrogate for her brother and his partner. And with a little help from Mosie, voila! 

You guys my fiancé and I are having a baby and it's all thanks to Mosie! As a gay couple it was a bit hard to figure out how'd we get this rolling. It wasn't until I stumbled onto the Mosie Baby YouTube video where my questions were quickly answered. My fiancé was skeptical but optimistic about giving this a go. Thankfully my sister offered to be our surrogate mother and voila! Three positive tests later and we couldn't be happier. Thank you Maureen and Marc for making our dreams come true with a simple at home insemination solution. Officially any future children we plan on having from this day forward will be done with Mosie! Thanks so much for helping us create a family of our very own. 

Nelson & Gerald, Jersey City

THANK YOU, Nelson & Gerald for sharing this truly amazing story. Your family is an inspiration. - M&M

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After Two Years Of TTC, UK Couple Conceives With Mosie!

After two years of trying to conceive we eventually decided to try a syringe and thankfully we found Mosie. We immediately loved the design and thought that went into it. Mosie was easy to use worked for us on our second try! Enclosed is our three month scan...we decided not to find out if it's a boy or a girl, but we'll soon find out in July! 

We're so grateful and wish you much success! 
Monica & Kumar, London

We're beyond thrilled for you both! And thank you for sharing M & K! - M & M

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After 4 IUI's, Couple Conceives With Mosie!


My husband and I started trying back in 2014. We tried naturally for a year but couldn’t get pregnant so we started seeing a fertility specialist. We had 3 IUI’s with the first specialist which all failed. Followed by another fertility specialist and another IUI (4th one), which also failed. We also simultaneously tried various so called “home insemination” kits. These kits were a pain to use with a lot of wastage and were extremely uncomfortable. 

After giving ourselves a break for 4 months I started researching again randomly and this is when I came across Maureen’s video on Mosie Baby. After watching the video for the first time I was sold. What really intrigued me was the time spent in the engineering of the product (the video shows this beautifully).  

From the very first try Mosie was a god sent gift to us. It didn’t waste any specimen and it was extremely comfortable to use . 

Like Maureen mentioned in her video that air bubbles are the main culprit is so on point. When we were using the other kits a lot of air bubbles kept forming. Now we realize why those kits never worked. 

Mosie baby is a blessing for anyone dealing with infertility. 

Thank you Marc and Maureen.

A & R, San Antonio 

You two blew us away with this amazing story. Thank you both for sharing with our community! You are an inspiration. - Maureen & Marc

Amazing Conception Journey Ends Happily With Mosie!

There are some people in this world just meant to be a parent. My husband is one of those people, I truly believe he is destined to be a great father. This is how I knew children were always going to be in the picture for us. That no matter what, we would be parents one day. To most couples this a no brainer...you meet, fall in love, get married, and start a family. Not always in that order, but you get the idea. However, for us, this would require some additional planning. My husband had a major accident when he was 18 that rendered him quadriplegic. Long and personal story short, my husband walks, talks, and holds a successful job with zero assistance or accommodations. He is a walking, talking miracle or "Average (but incredibly handsome) Joe" as I think of him. With that being said, spinal cord injury patients often struggle with fertility. We went through the tedious process of testing with tests coming back normal after normal. This was very frustrating. Turns out we could get pregnant on our own, but would need a different administration method. This made me really nervous and uncomfortable. To him it was important to be able to do it from our own home. To me...I just thought there was no way I would "turkey baste" our baby. I researched a lot, and found nothing. When it came to the fertilization component, I was worried about hurting myself with length, tip, germs, etc. Why is there no information on this? I mean specifics, there are none. Finally after hunting I stumbled upon Mosie. THIS WAS IT! OMG, AND THERE ARE VIDEOS?!?! This was exactly what I was looking for, and my journey changed from that point forward. We were not like the other success stories listed. We were not pregnant after the first try; it took us three times before we became pregnant. When you are ready to get pregnant, and have been trying for awhile, 3 months is unbelievably fast. Honestly, the process was so easy and comfortable. We are incredibly thankful to Mosie and all the thought and consideration they have put into their product. I recommend this product to any family who needs an unconventional at home method. It really works. Its safe, comfortable, and easy to use. Just get it already! You will be happy you did. 

Kate & Dan, Clarksburg, MD

Wow. Just Wow. Thank you both for sharing this beautiful story. You guys are amazing. - Maureen & Marc

Overcoming Vaginismus With Mosie Leads To Conception!

Hi Maureen & Marc, 

I had the best Christmas present: I am pregnant and it is thanks to you :)

I had to use Mosie because I have vaginismus, which of course makes every intercourse difficult. It was okay until now, but as I approached my 30s I really wanted a baby. I read about the syringe method but thought that it was difficult because of the size and shape of syringes you can find in a pharmacy.

When I found Mosie I thought that maybe there was hope. I only had to use it once and it worked! 

I'm writing you all of this because I really wanted you to know how much you do for people like me and how your syringe can mean great hope for us. 

Thanks again to both of you!

CM, Quebec

We have to take a moment to thank this client (who chose to remain anonymous) for sharing this very important story. Mosie continues to melt our own hearts as it helps so many different kinds of people. We hope you find inspiration from this story. And CM we're indebted..

- Maureen & Marc


A More Perfect Mosie

(For Syringe Geeks & The Mosie Obsessed)

A couple months ago we announced Mosie being back in stock and “better than ever”…so what did that mean?

First thing to note is that we’re slightly obsessed with Mosie. We’ve seen it change lives firsthand and we’re addicted to the high of helping people make babies. 

A few months back we partnered with a new manufacturer, which allowed us the luxury of considering what, if any, improvements could be made to our little insemination syringe.

We revisited the original design drawings with our amazing engineer, Andrew, and scrutinized everything…turns out we pretty much nailed it the first time (pats on the back all around). However, we did see one minor area for improvement. We decided to use this opportunity to improve the fit between the syringe piston and rubber stopper thereby improving Mosie’s overall performance. 

How does this work? Glad you asked...

The most important dimension of a piston is the relationship between the inner diameter of the tube and piston tip: Too tight and the piston doesn't move freely; too loose and the fluid escapes; but just right and the piston glides smoothly transferring all the fluid. Mosie’s fit was already pretty amazing by typical syringe standards. We'd tested Mosie against the best and Mosie met or exceeded expectations. But after playing with the numbers we realized that it could be a tad better. 

What do we mean by "a tad"? Glad you asked, here’s what we mean...

To ensure the absolute highest quality, we engineered the interaction between the piston and the syringe stopper within a thousandth of an inch (+.001"). This would be the equivalent of taking a standard sheet of office paper and then splitting it into three thinner sheets of paper, that is the precision used to refine Mosie’s design. 

This modification was by no means glamorous and will likely never be noticed by 99% of our clients, but it’s really cool nonetheless. Mosie really is smoother, more effective and just plain better than ever. 

In addition to this design improvement, an improved Tyvek pouch has replaced the standard medical pouch in V1. The new pouch is more form fitting and made of stronger material ensuring better protection of each syringe.

We realize this is a little obsessive, but we believe we've taken a great product in Mosie and made it even better for making babies in 2017 and beyond! 


Every Mosie Kit that has been purchased since November 4 has the updated syringe included. 

(Forgive the lateness of this post and thanks to client Kiera for kicking us into gear to get it out!)

Looking Back On 2016, Mosie's First Year.

After successfully conceiving with our little syringe in November 2015, we quietly turned the lights on in December with no idea what would happen. We'd decided to bet everything on Mosie, a syringe designed for making babies. What?! Were we crazy? Quite possibly. The only thing that was certain was our belief that the "turkey baster method" needed an update. A syringe designed specifically to help people conceive needed to exist. One year later we can breath a little easier because as it turns out we were not alone (#gomosie)! This modest little syringe blew us away in it's first year in ways we never could have…wait for it...conceived (couldn't be helped!). Seriously though, read through some of the Success Stories…it’s amazing. The diversity. The joy. The incoming Mosie Babies! Amazing. 

And, of course, you. We wouldn't be here without you. Thank you for supporting Mosie's first year. 


Maureen, Marc, Junebug, & Frankie (Mosie Baby #1)

And oh yeah, we can’t wait to dig into 2017. We have more videos in store for you, more success stories to share (you will freak out with smiles), and hopefully a few snapshots of some beautiful Mosie Babies #madewithlove. 


Mosie Insemination Down Under!

Hi Marc & Maureen

Great news Shenoa is now 8 weeks pregnant. After only four tries with Mosie we got the best surprise of our lives. We are so so happy and so thankful we tried Mosie. We have told so many of our friends in Australia how fantastic Mosie Baby is. We want to thank you both for the love and heart you obviously put into creating this product and by the sounds of it you have helped to bring joy to so many peoples lives. Here is our little Mosie baby, taken at 8 weeks and 3 days!

Thanks again,

Genie & Shenoa, Melbourne, Victoria

These Mosie success announcements never get old (just the opposite!) and we're grateful for everyone that shares their story and inspires this community. Yay "Ozzie" Mosie Baby #1! - M&M


First Canadian Mosie Baby On The Way!

Just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are expecting our first baby in June, and we used Mosie to conceive! We did a lot of research and decided it made sense to try your product and we will forever be grateful. People need to realize the alternative options that are available to them. Thanks so much for creating a product that is allowing us to fulfill our dream of being parents.

Cheers to our new journey of being Mom & Mommy!

Jennifer & Jaclyn, Alberta

Congrats to you both from us on the first Canadian Mosie Baby! And thank you both for sharing your story. You are an inspiration!  -Maureen & Marc

Note to anyone following us on Instagram...Jennifer wrote a moving little piece announcing their news accompanied by this image and tagged us. It made our day and is worth seeking out! Oh baby!!!

Mosie Insemination Syringe Kit In-Depth Review

Mosie Insemination Syringe Review

A few months back Your Fertility Guide's Lin Weinburg contacted us about reviewing Mosie and getting feedback from her clients. We sent her a few kits and she followed up with her initial thoughts the following week. To our surprise this was not the review. She's now completed an in-depth review of Mosie and included feedback from several of her clients as well.  We've included a few excerpts from the review in this post. And you can check out the complete review here.  

"Mosie feels extremely comfortable at just the right length. And it delivers on its promise to minimize waste. We found Mosie to be our favorite at home insemination kit that we’ve used or seen to date." - Lin Weinburg, Los Angeles based Fertility Coach

Here’s what a few of Lin's clients had to say:

"It’s thoughtfully designed, very easy to use, comfort level was 100% and we didn’t waste nearly as much of our precious frozen sperm."  - Megan and Sarah, San Francisco

"We are new to the TTC community with little experience of what’s out there. Having said that, I’m so happy to not have wasted any time with using various other methods some of my friends have used when they were trying to conceive. A big thank you to our incredible Fertility Coach Lin Weinberg for introducing us to Mosie." - The Chandlers, Los Angeles

"Mosie doesn’t leave anything to chance. I didn’t have to concern myself with how far to insert the syringe or if I would be able to pull all our sperm up from the cup. Easy Peasy. I wouldn’t change a thing about this syringe." - ASHA BALA, Culver City

Like us Lin is all about helping people make babies! As a fertility coach Lin specializes in egg health, pre-conception health and utilizing your DNA to significantly improve your reproductive health. You can find her at Your Fertility Guide and Spoken Origins.

Our thanks to Lin and her clients for taking the time to review our little insemination syringe! We love Mosie and we're glad to see that we're not alone. - Maureen & Marc



Mosie continues to amaze us. When the first reported pregnancies (besides our own) started coming in we were absolutely giddy thinking about the joy our little insemination syringe was bringing all kinds of people. All of the possibilities...

mosie kits are back in stock!

Hi everyone,

Quick note to let you know the store is open and Mosie is back and better than ever. 

"Better than ever?" you ask.

Indeed, we've made some subtle refinements to our little insemination syringe that make it even better. Details in a new post next week, but you can purchase right now. 

Our thanks to everyone that joined the waitlist. You were the first to know and you made us crazy for 24 hours of fulfilling your orders! It was awesome...but we're going to take a nap now!

Maureen & Marc