It's (officially) official our Mosie Baby is on its way...

Holding Junebug, our 14 month old's legs in my left hand as I wiped her bottom with my right hand at 6:45am the Sunday after Thanksgiving...I wasn't really thinking about Mosie or more babies. June was it and I was enjoying her company as I do every morning. Then Maureen walked into the bathroom and held a piece of plastic in front of my face that (after a few seconds) I recognize is a pregnancy test...and it's positive.

It was early...really early to begin telling anyone. We'd tried one cycle with the Mosie Conception Syringe...a product we'd dream't up and decided to develop after 2.5 years of no luck trying to conceive. Eventually we did conceive through our first try with IUI...hence June's presence (see our story for those details). 

Long story very short with the help of an amazing, if tiny, team the first Mosie Conception Syringes arrived in late September 2015. We wasted no time trying out our first kit during Maureen's ovulation cycle in November, she took the pregnancy test two weeks later, and on December 28th we had our first ultrasound and sonogram. Turns out we have a healthy 8 week old peanut growing inside of Maureen, thanks to our little idea. Home insemination with the Mosie Conception Kit is simple and it works.



PS: we don't take holiday decorations down until after New Years.

Team Mosie

Austin, TX, USA