Conception 101 Videos Are Here. What are Conception 101 Videos You Ask?

The idea behind our Conception 101 videos is to provide essential conception information in bite-size, easy-to-understand portions with a clean, simple production value that is easy to replicate...ensuring we keep the critical conception info coming in 2016 and beyond. (I almost typed Beyonce)

In her first three Conception 101 videos Maureen shares secrets to conception beginning with understanding your cervix and key role it plays in the conception process, followed by how to locate your cervix, and finally how exactly artificial insemination at home with a syringe is done (hello Mosie!). 

These first three videos are only the beginning, we have many more planned for 2016 and beyond and we welcome your input! Let us know what worked, didn't work, and most importantly what conception topics you like to see.

The permanent home for these videos will be Conception 101, but we like instant gratification as much as anyone.



Team Mosie

Austin, TX, USA