Looking Back On 2016, Mosie's First Year.

After successfully conceiving with our little syringe in November 2015, we quietly turned the lights on in December with no idea what would happen. We'd decided to bet everything on Mosie, a syringe designed for making babies. What?! Were we crazy? Quite possibly. The only thing that was certain was our belief that the "turkey baster method" needed an update. A syringe designed specifically to help people conceive needed to exist. One year later we can breath a little easier because as it turns out we were not alone (#gomosie)! This modest little syringe blew us away in it's first year in ways we never could have…wait for it...conceived (couldn't be helped!). Seriously though, read through some of the Success Stories…it’s amazing. The diversity. The joy. The incoming Mosie Babies! Amazing. 

And, of course, you. We wouldn't be here without you. Thank you for supporting Mosie's first year. 


Maureen, Marc, Junebug, & Frankie (Mosie Baby #1)

And oh yeah, we can’t wait to dig into 2017. We have more videos in store for you, more success stories to share (you will freak out with smiles), and hopefully a few snapshots of some beautiful Mosie Babies #madewithlove. 


Team Mosie

Austin, TX, USA