Mosie: Press...Release!

We're growing up a tad...out of beta and into the real world. The Mosie Insemination Syringe press release came out today! (Yay!) You, of course, can read it below or at it's online home right here.

Announcing Mosie, The First Conception Syringe Designed Specifically for Artificial Insemination at Home

When Maureen and Marc Brown struggled to conceive their first child, they discovered that while the methodology of using a syringe type device to aid conception, also known as the “turkey baster method”, was commonly endorsed, there wasn’t a product that was actually designed for this purpose, so they set to fixing that. The couple engaged with their fertility physician Dr Lisa Hansard to ensure that they took all of the biological factors into consideration and then worked with medical device design expert Andrew Enke to come up with the most streamlined and comfortable product available on the market today.
"I first met Maureen and Marc as a frustrated couple looking for answers to their fertility questions. With my help, they were able to conceive their daughter June. When they came back to me with a prototype for the Mosie conception syringe, I immediately recognized its potential and helped them fine-tune the design. I think Mosie will have a significant impact in the home-fertility market and will help many women conceive more easily,” said Dr Hansard.
When they decided to try for a second child, they used their Mosie prototype to inseminate which resulted in a conception the very first attempt. Much to their delight after using their insemination kit for a single cycle their second child was conceived.
The Mosie Conception Syringe is a comfortable and easy to use product that is designed to be optimal for smooth collection and maximum transfer of each specimen. Each Mosie pack is shipped with two syringes and detailed instructions for the timing and use of the device. In addition, the Mosie team are developing resources in the form of articles, videos and blog posts that untangle the complexities of conception, something that Maureen and Marc garnered in their two-plus year quest to conceive their first child.
“We’re excited to offer an affordable option for those looking to inseminate at home,” said Maureen, “and we’re certainly looking forward to welcoming the first 'Mosie baby' later this summer. Since we tried for over two years to conceive our first child, I was expecting multiple cycles to conceive again - I am thrilled to be our first success story!” she said.
The product is available today on the Mosie web site at and Amazon and will be available on other marketplaces in the coming weeks.
Mosie is headquartered in the creative city of Austin, TX where so many great things start.


Team Mosie

Austin, TX, USA