A More Perfect Mosie

(For Syringe Geeks & The Mosie Obsessed)

A couple months ago we announced Mosie being back in stock and “better than ever”…so what did that mean?

First thing to note is that we’re slightly obsessed with Mosie. We’ve seen it change lives firsthand and we’re addicted to the high of helping people make babies. 

A few months back we partnered with a new manufacturer, which allowed us the luxury of considering what, if any, improvements could be made to our little insemination syringe.

We revisited the original design drawings with our amazing engineer, Andrew, and scrutinized everything…turns out we pretty much nailed it the first time (pats on the back all around). However, we did see one minor area for improvement. We decided to use this opportunity to improve the fit between the syringe piston and rubber stopper thereby improving Mosie’s overall performance. 

How does this work? Glad you asked...

The most important dimension of a piston is the relationship between the inner diameter of the tube and piston tip: Too tight and the piston doesn't move freely; too loose and the fluid escapes; but just right and the piston glides smoothly transferring all the fluid. Mosie’s fit was already pretty amazing by typical syringe standards. We'd tested Mosie against the best and Mosie met or exceeded expectations. But after playing with the numbers we realized that it could be a tad better. 

What do we mean by "a tad"? Glad you asked, here’s what we mean...

To ensure the absolute highest quality, we engineered the interaction between the piston and the syringe stopper within a thousandth of an inch (+.001"). This would be the equivalent of taking a standard sheet of office paper and then splitting it into three thinner sheets of paper, that is the precision used to refine Mosie’s design. 

This modification was by no means glamorous and will likely never be noticed by 99% of our clients, but it’s really cool nonetheless. Mosie really is smoother, more effective and just plain better than ever. 

In addition to this design improvement, an improved Tyvek pouch has replaced the standard medical pouch in V1. The new pouch is more form fitting and made of stronger material ensuring better protection of each syringe.

We realize this is a little obsessive, but we believe we've taken a great product in Mosie and made it even better for making babies in 2017 and beyond! 


Every Mosie Kit that has been purchased since November 4 has the updated syringe included. 

(Forgive the lateness of this post and thanks to client Kiera for kicking us into gear to get it out!)

Team Mosie

Austin, TX, USA