Doctor's Office for Baby #1. At Home With Mosie for Baby #2!

We couldn’t afford to go through all that again.
— KS

I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2009 but had suffered from it as long as i can remember. I knew infertility could be an issue. I had 2 laparoscopies 2014-2015 to remove the endometriosis. I was on Clomid and Letrozole and Clomid again for a year and a half. We were referred to a fertility specialist in 2015 and i got pregnant after 2 attempts of artificial insemination. Baby boy born June 2016. We couldn't afford to go through all that again for a second child. November 2017 I had another laparoscopy to remove the endometriosis. I ordered the Mosie kit in Jan 2018 gave it a try and found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago! The syringe was very comfortable to use. We still cant believe we are pregnant. It was way too easy :) I used ovulation tests and checked my temperature daily. Prior to using the Mosie kit we had been trying to conceive for 6 months. Thats my story!

KS - Fond Du Lac, WI

What an amazing journey you guys have had KS. We're so happy that Mosie was a cost efficient and comfortable solution for baby #2! That's exactly why we went on this journey. Wishing you a healthy term and second addition! - Marc & Mo

Overcoming Endometriosis With A Little Help From Mosie!


I had an hsg to figure out why I hadn't conceived in 3 years, and it confirmed that I had endometriosis. After finding out I had endo I gave up trying for two months, but we decided to try on January 1st figuring it's a new year, let's try for a miracle. I was scheduled to have a laparoscopy to clear out my endo but before I could have the surgery I found out I was pregnant after the first and only month we used Mosie! We got our miracle!! I had my first ultrasound February 12th and OMG it’s identical twins!!! I was ready to give up the thought of ever having a family of our own, but Mosie truly saved us. Maureen and Marc are such sweet people as soon as I messaged them about our success, within our first month using their product, they responded rapidly and with genuine happiness for us!! They even sent us a little care package. I now recommend Mosie to all my friends and family having trouble trying to conceive! Thanks again so much!!

M&M - South Bend, IN

First thing we need to say is a huge thank you to you both for sharing your challenge with us and this community. We would have never known if Mosie could be effective with endometriosis without you both making the decision to share. This was the first endometriosis story we'd received up to this point and we couldn't be happier for M&M. We've since received another, which is in queue for sharing at a later date. But, wow, you guys are amazing. And, here's a neat little tidbit they shared with us...their friends tried Mosie once and became pregnant and then gave their spare Mosie to M&M who in turn became pregnant! We ❤️it! Please pass the Mosies! - Marc & Mo

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