The Awesomeness Of Mosie!



I'd like to say THANK YOU for allowing my wife and I to try to conceive at home...and it WORKED!! We have only taken one pregnancy test so far, but still the excitement is already overwhelming!! Your product, by far, is so easy, simple and uncomplicated to use! We started trying in December and ended conceiving in February, so it didn't take long at all.

We did try an insemination device before Mosie, but it was large, awkward and complicated to use. I believe if we would have kept using it, we would not have ended up conceiving.

The size (Mosie) is also very nice. Thank you to all who were involved the the process to design this product!

Spring Update:

I haven't written you in a while as we've been very busy. But, I did want to share our gender reveal ultrasound picture... We are very happy to announce...IT'S A GIRL 😁!!

Sincerely Very Happy Soon-To-Be Parents,

A & T - Berwick, PA

Worth noting - the title of this story was subject line in the email we received…why on earth would we change it? A & T we’re so happy that Mosie was your answer and that a sweet baby girl is the result! Your exuberance is catchy and we have no doubt others will benefit from your decision to share your story. - Marc + Mo

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Happy Mosie Baby Monday!


Hi Maureen!

Wanted to give you a heads up! We welcomed our sweet baby boy last Wednesday on 10/3/18! Born at 36 weeks thanks to Mosie!!!

How long had you tried to conceive? 2 months

Had you tried anything else prior to Mosie? No, we found Mosie online and others, Mosie had the best reviews!

Did you have any particular obstacles like low sperm count, PCOS, etc? “A” has a tilted uterus and terrible monthly periods, possibly endo but never diagnosed.

Any words of advice or encouragement to others trying to conceive with Mosie or thinking about using Mosie? Don’t give up!


B + A - Joliet, IL

Thanks to you both for sharing your adorable little guy with us! He’s amazing. And wow, so cool “A” conceived with Mosie with a tilted uterus! I think that’s the first tilted uterus success we’ve heard and will certainly provide a some hope to others. - Maureen + Marc

Say Hello To Adorable Miracle Baby "P"! We're So Glad She's Here!



My wife and I got pregnant the first time using the Mosie syringe. We tried in previous months using different methods but were not successful. After a friend told us about Mosie, we instantly ordered. It arrived just in time for our fertile week. On my 30th birthday, we found out I was pregnant. Our baby girl, “P” was born on July 6th weighing just 3lbs 5oz. She arrived 6 weeks early due to complications that resulted in an emergency c-section. We spent 17 days in the NICU where she was just a feeder and grower. We also found out that I had the beginning of a placental abruption and both of us could have died. She really is our miracle baby. She is absolutely perfect and we continue to spread the Mosie word to everyone we know :) We can't thank Mosie enough!!

KF - South Bend, IN

KF, we’re so glad you shared your journey with us! And baby “P” has our hearts exploding…to the point of not being able to pick a photo so we had to combine them! We’re so happy that you all made it through and everyone is doing great. And we know your story will bring a smile and maybe a happy tear or two along with some inspiration to like-minded others! - Maureen + Marc

From Heartbreak to Elation: An Amazing TTC Journey


Marc & Mo,

Just dropping a little note to let you know how grateful we were for your support and kind words after our miscarriage in October. We took a little break, but are happy to report that we are pregnant again! My wife is 13 weeks and we're due in November. We used our last remaining Mosie syringe and are telling everyone how well this product works!

Thanks again,

A & S - Topeka, KS

So A and S originally reached out to us one year ago (October 2017) to announce that they'd conceived on their first attempt with Mosie (after 7 previous attempts!). They were obviously thrilled as were we. However like many things in life, things didn’t turn out as planned, and they unfortunately miscarried several weeks later. We didn’t hear from them for awhile and then received the note you see above along with a few images this past spring (2018). A lot can happen in a year. And this little family certainly had it’s ups and downs. But perseverance paid off and we couldn’t be happier for them. Just amazing. Wishing you both a smooth delivery and healthy new babe next month! - Marc & Mo

Side-note: This is the first story of this kind we’ve decided to share, but not the first occurrence. We’d like everyone to know that miscarriages are extremely common regardless how conception occurs. There is nothing to be ashamed of and although painful, there’s no one to blame. It happens. We encourage you to stay positive and engaged. Don’t give up. If you’re able to conceive once, you’re very likely able to conceive again. However if you’re experiencing multiple miscarriages, we highly recommend checking in with your doctor. Often there are very simple treatments a doctor can prescribe if this is happening to you. And if there’s any questions we can help with, please always feel free to reach out. We’re here to support you!

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Painful Journey Ends Happily With A Little Help From Mosie!


Our story with Mosie Baby:

In April 2017 we tried our first round of home insemination using a hospital grade syringe, we got pregnant first try and we were SO excited! In May, we found out we had an ectopic pregnancy. After undergoing emergency surgery and having to have my right fallopian tube removed, we were just so upset and hurt. We were told by our doctor to try again in six months! During that six months, we researched the best syringes, etc., to make the process smooth for us the second time around. That’s when we came across Mosie Baby. We instantly became excited about the process again. Mosie Baby's website is so inviting and informational (in a fun way)! The packaging and everything is so beautiful and they have the nicest emails and videos to help with the process! The syringes were comfortable and easy to use, and the cup was definitely easier than the large specimen cup we had used previously. First try with our Mosie Baby syringe and we got a BFP!!! My wife & I are so happy to have found Mosie and we cannot wait for this pregnancy and our rainbow baby! Thank you Mosie Baby!!!!

Thank you!!

A & S - Duluth, MN

Talk about resilience! You guys are amazing and we’re so grateful to you for putting your story out there. And thank you for your kind words as well. We’re privileged to have had Mosie play a small part in your inspirational journey! - Marc & Maureen

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Surrogacy with Mosie brings adorable MosieBabies!


So Z & JP had originally written to us to announce that they had become pregnant with a surrogate (read the original story here) almost two years ago to this day. That story in and of itself was an inspiration at the time as it was one of our first reported. And it was just awesome seeing people realize their dreams their own way. They soon followed this announcement with a scan showing identical twins. Even more amazing, right?! And now Baby “C” and Baby “V” are here and as you can see just adorable. This family continues to be an inspiration for Maureen & I and our decision to create this simple little device. We knew Mosie could potentially help people, but when you see the actual families…it’s really pure joy.

Now go conquer Monday!

-Marc & Maureen

A Different Road To A Happy Family With A Little Help From Mosie!


Hi Marc,

When my wife and I first got together, it didn't take long for our dreams of a big happy family to become clear. We'd fallen madly in love with each other in no time and often spent hours talking about our future together with children. When we married on August 2017 we vowed to start trying for a baby. Being a same-sex couple, we knew our road would be different. I started tracking my ovulation and researching different options. IUI seemed so scary. We wanted a simpler more intimate option. When I stumbled upon Mosie, we agreed that it was the best option. It was a way that would allow both of us to have a part in the process, and the best part was that we could inseminate at home! It only took two tries but now we have a baby on the way! Mosie is a life-saver. I don't hesitate when I'm asked how this little miracle came to be. Thank you so much for helping families everywhere, including our little one. 

Thank you,
AP - Sacramento, CA

A different road but no less relevant or beautiful AP! We're so happy that you're realizing your dreams of a big happy family and that Mosie could help out! You guys are an inspiration! - Marc & Mo

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A Mosie Conception After 5 failed IUI's, Vaginismus, and Pelvic Floor Therapy!


Maureen & Marc,

After our year long journey of trying to concieve, 5 failed IUI's, and countless days of struggle and heartache....we FINALLY got our BFP on our FIRST try at home with using Mosie. We are over the moon and are spreading the news about Mosie Baby to our healthcare providers, other same sex couples and anyone we know struggling to conceive.

I'd also like to add I've been struggling with vaginismus for 8 after seeing my wife undergo 5 failed IUIs...I knew I needed a more natural approach. Your product is well designed and so easy to use that it alleviated any and all anxieties! My wife and I were able to ENJOY the insemination process without the worries of pointed ends....can I do it? Will it hurt? How far to insert? Because it was literally as simple as inserting a tampon.....just way more fun ;)

My Pelvic floor physical therapist was so excited when I shared the information about Mosie with her that she's going to recommend to other patients struggling to conceive with vaginismus as well.

Thank you again!!!
M & K

M&K, honestly when we started this journey we could have never predicted a story like this. It’s simply amazing, and we’re “over-the-moon” that it’s ended happily with a little help from Mosie. We’re so grateful to you both for sharing as you are an inspiration. - Maureen & Marc

Wife & Transgender Husband's Joyful Journey To Mosie Baby!


Hello Marc & Maureen,

My husband and I are so excited to shares news of a little bundle of joy coming our way. And it’s all thanks to Mosie Baby!  We have always wanted to start a family. My husband is transgender so we always knew that it would be difficult and take tons of planning. We just wanted to say thanks for such a great product; after only 2 months of trying we got pregnant! Thank you so much for being such a big part of our family, and helping so many families like ours.

J & E - Whittier, CA


Hello Baby!

We're a bit behind posting our success stories, but we’re happy to say, J & E’s baby is here! And oh baby is it wonderful when we receive a pic of a beautiful lil' "mosie" baby!

J & E, you two are amazing. We feel like you've supported us as much as we've supported you. We're beyond thrilled for you both and incredibly grateful to you both for sharing your truly inspirational journey. -Marc & Mo

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Why Mosie Was a Great Conception Choice for Them


Hi Mosie,

My name is Leah and my wife’s name is Brenna we are now 15 weeks pregnant! Thank you so much for your product. We tried a traditional syringe first, and it didn’t feel comfortable, and it didn’t work. The (Mosie) videos really helped me understand exactly what days were optimal and we conceived the first attempt! We have already recommended your product to everyone in our community trying because this product works and takes all of the guess work out of conception. We will absolutely use Mosie to make our next baby!

Thank you so much!! 

L & B

L & B, Yaaay! Warmest congrats on your success and thrilled that Mosie helped you both in your journey. We tried a few "regular" syringes too and saw room for improvement. Your experience with Mosie in both the educational (video) and user experience aspects are what we're striving for, so hearing this from you guys reaffirms that it's working for people. Sincere thanks for sharing your experience, it's a BIG DEAL and will provide some hope and inspiration to others! - Maureen & Marc

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Conception On Their Terms With Mosie!


We are two untraditional people doing things very unapologetically untraditional.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a child of my own. I wondered how it would be to be a parent. Would my child look like me, have my nose, my lips, my eyes? You see my amazing "baby mamma" (BM) and I  are both gay. I've known her pretty much all my life and we decided to embark on the journey together. Did I mention she is a virgin? As if it wasn't complicated enough right? Yeah! So gay, BM is a virgin, and we are both single....crazy right?

I did research for years and for the longest time the only option that seemed plausible was surrogacy because…1. No sex with girls >_< ... ya that pretty much sums it up. I came across BM again after years of being out of touch and we were both talking about how we wanted children, and who would we have kid with. We both thought why don't we have a baby, together?!...BUT the sex thing was still out of the question.

I heard about this thing gay couples were trying. So I did a google search “the turkey baster method." and this video of this lady (Maureen) came up. She had this little device in her hand a cup and I suppose you know the rest.

She talked about another option. One that wasn't scary, intimidating or made me feel like I needed some type of doctoral degree to understand. I spent the rest of the night on the website watching every video, scanning every word. The next day I went to work and showed BM what I found. You could see in her face that she felt the same as I did with the process. After the first video she said this is it, this is the way we are going to conceive.

I went home that night and purchased a Mosie kit and we went for it. We had kinda watched BM cycle the month before so we had an idea of when to try: and hey we got two so we could try again if we were a little off.  Following Maureen's instructions we waited, well i guess we didn't have to wait very long because two-ish weeks later (Oct 22) we got a  +++++POSITIVE.  BM is 24 weeks prego and we couldn't be happier!

A process we thought would be long and grueling turned out to be fast, easy, and comfortable not only for me, but for BM also. We both want to thank you Marc and Maureen from the bottom of our hearts for taking the complication out of this. For making it possible for people like us; that never even imaged it to be possible to have children of their own have the chance to conceive. This is a dream come true THANK YOU MOSIE BABY!!!!

X & A - Pueblo, CO

Empowering a community and providing hope is at the heart of what Mosie Baby is all about and you two are a perfect example of what's possible when you have an open heart and mind! Our thanks to you both for "unapologetically" sharing this beautiful story! - Marc & Maureen



Overcoming Endometriosis With A Little Help From Mosie!


I had an hsg to figure out why I hadn't conceived in 3 years, and it confirmed that I had endometriosis. After finding out I had endo I gave up trying for two months, but we decided to try on January 1st figuring it's a new year, let's try for a miracle. I was scheduled to have a laparoscopy to clear out my endo but before I could have the surgery I found out I was pregnant after the first and only month we used Mosie! We got our miracle!! I had my first ultrasound February 12th and OMG it’s identical twins!!! I was ready to give up the thought of ever having a family of our own, but Mosie truly saved us. Maureen and Marc are such sweet people as soon as I messaged them about our success, within our first month using their product, they responded rapidly and with genuine happiness for us!! They even sent us a little care package. I now recommend Mosie to all my friends and family having trouble trying to conceive! Thanks again so much!!

M&M - South Bend, IN

First thing we need to say is a huge thank you to you both for sharing your challenge with us and this community. We would have never known if Mosie could be effective with endometriosis without you both making the decision to share. This was the first endometriosis story we'd received up to this point and we couldn't be happier for M&M. We've since received another, which is in queue for sharing at a later date. But, wow, you guys are amazing. And, here's a neat little tidbit they shared with us...their friends tried Mosie once and became pregnant and then gave their spare Mosie to M&M who in turn became pregnant! We ❤️it! Please pass the Mosies! - Marc & Mo

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They Decided To Try Mosie On A Whim And Voila!



Our story is short and sweet. My wife and I were married in December 2016 and knew we wanted to try right away for a baby. Being two women, we knew we would need a little help with the process. We were preparing to have a doctor do IUI when one day I found a video about something called the Mosie syringe online. We decided on a whim to try that first instead. I remember saying right after our insemination at home that I felt as if it had worked, even though my wife told me that was impossible. Amazingly, on February 1st (2017) we got our big fat positive test after just one try with Mosie! I type this now as our little Pearl lays in my lap asleep. I just wanted to thank you for making such an amazing product. Without Mosie we would not have the love of our life. 

Thank you again! 

SR Redmond, WA

We love hearing from our Mosie Mamas! SR had been updating us every step of the way and now Pearl is here! Goosebumps in our house seeing these images and congrats to this beautiful family! - Maureen & Marc

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Lesbian Couple's Sweet Mosie Conception Story


My wife and I had decided to go ahead and try to conceive. I was concerned because of my age (35) and all of the stories of difficulty conceiving. We had only tried for two months with Mosie, and I got pregnant on my second cycle! We were amazed at how easy it was to use the Mosie syringe. I happened to find Mosie while searching for at home insemination products and decided to take the chance. I am so glad I did! There was simply nothing complicated about the Mosie syringe or how to use it. The kit came with everything you needed. Thanks to Mosie my wife and I will welcome our first child!! Thank you for creating this product!!


We're thrilled that Mosie was the answer for you two! Your story is an inspiration both to us and this community. Our thanks for sharing! #nevergetsold  - Marc & Maureen

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Same Sex Couple + Surrogate + Mosie = Family!



My husband and I have been wanting a family for many years. Unfortunately, adoption options for same-sex couples in Canada are far less numerous than in the U.S. Rather than play an endless waiting game, we searched for and found someone special willing to be a surrogate mother.
We've known people who've tried with the traditional fertilization kits that you can purchase for very little. Those had no success and involved a bit of guess work. We were tired of guesswork and wanted something to maximize our chances. When looking online and going though so many options, I came across Mosie's video that showed the ways in which they are different. 
They also made me feel like it was OK not knowing everything. I thought why not give them a try? At this point, I had spent a small fortune on medical procedures and legal paperwork. When we got the box in the mail with simple instructions and an easy to use product, the surrogate felt comfortable using it. The instructions even made us laugh, and that helped with the tension.
It took a few attempts (buy a couple boxes, it's worth it and produces less stress just knowing they are there). It was almost a shock when we got the little plus sign on the pee stick then went to the clinic the next day. We are still trying to play it cool with most of our friends and family as it's just a month. Lots can go wrong but lots can go amazingly right too. We wouldn't have this opportunity without the Mosie family. Although we are cautiously optimistic, we couldn't have gotten this far without you. 

-Happy Canadians

We LOVE unconventional stories like this! (We love the word "unconventional as well!) Talk about empowerment. Mosie is so much more than a "syringe" thanks to this community and the hope and inspiration it provides. Happy American's - M&M

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23 Weeks And Counting, A Mosie Conception Story!

Dear Maureen & Marc, 

We are here to tell you our big news that thanks to you and Mosie (which we both think is the biggest help on the market for people trying to conceive) we are expecting our first baby! We are 23 weeks along and everything has been perfect so far. We are both from Hungary, living and working in Florida, and we are crazy excited about our upcoming little one! So we would like to say a BIG BIG BIG thank you for being a part of our journey and making the impossible possible! To be honest, the first time I thought conception might be possible was when I found Mosie after doing a crazy amount of research for the right syringe and just being disappointed over and over again. So THANK YOU. A side note from mom-to-be Krisztina, Mosie was an incredible help. It had a very comfortable, “tampon-like” feeling. And being so thoughtfully designed, it took away that uncomfortable feeling of doing something not-so-natural with those ugly and sharp syringes! Plus it means so much when you know that you don't have to worry about how far to insert, which size is the best and so on. We both wish you much success and a long and healthy life for your little ones and for you both!!!!  

With best regards, 

Monika & Krisztina, Vero Beach FL

We're beyond thrilled for you both and grateful for your kind words and generosity in providing hope to others! - Mo & Marc

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Pure Joy X2 For LGBT Couple!

Hello Maureen and Marc, 

I wanted to send a huge THANK YOU for creating Mosie!  I'm very thrilled to report that we got a positive pregnancy test at 3.5 weeks, and I was stunned after having tried for months with no success. After bawling my eyes out, sending my wife out to get two more pregnancy tests to confirm (also positive), and calming from the excitement, we were left with pure joy at our anticipated rainbow baby. 

The story continues.... we just had our first ultrasound on Monday (my wife's birthday) at 6w4d and we were hoping to hear the heartbeat. The sonographer attempted an abdominal and pushed down on my tummy...a short blip on the screen showed TWO SACS. She said she wouldn't be able to see enough so she switched to a trans-vaginal sonogram and sure enough there were two babies with a little heartbeat flicker in each! 

You've helped us conceive our DOUBLE rainbow babies and we cannot thank you enough!! They are due in February. 

Thank you, a million times over.  We're over the moon. :) 

-Sheryl & Kristin, Cedar Hill, TX

Amaaaaazing story you two. We're honored to have been a part of your double rainbow journey and grateful for you decision to shout it out loud and inspire others! - M & M

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After Trying "Regular" Syringes, Couple Conceives With Mosie On First Try!

We first decided to try for a baby in January 2017. We didn't use nor even hear of Mosie Baby at that time, and so we tried AI with a regular syringe. This attempt quickly got messy, and we struggled to get all of the semen out of the syringe, and unfortunately we were unsuccessful in conceiving. March came along and we tried again, however it was another failed attempt. So it was then I came across Mosie Baby while searching for other effective and affordable ways to conceive. Thanks to Google I stumbled across this carefully engineered syringe made especially for AI. So we relentlessly watched all of the educational content they provided and felt confident in ourselves and in the product. The process was so easy and the syringe itself exceeded our expectations by using every drop unlike a regular syringe that I learned even damages the semen. We were successful with Mosie on our first attempt. Seeing the positive PT made our emotional journey worth it. Overall the product itself was very clean and carefully constructed. The videos were so easy to understand and the instructions were so simple. Definitely worth it. Can't wait to do it again!

With love from our little Mosie Family,
A & J, Los Angeles 

Thank you both so much for taking the time to share this story with our little Mosie community. It's a big deal and we wish you much success! - Maureen & Marc

First Canadian Mosie Baby Update

Normally we'd be sharing joyful photos of a brand new babe entering the world however these soon-to-be Canadian mamas were generous enough to send us photos from a maternity shoot that they did and we couldn't resist sharing them! We first told you about them in December here, now at 39 weeks they're so close! Capturing these oh-so-special pre-baby moments is such a great idea, they'll look on back on this time for years to come. We'll be sure to let you know when their little one arrives, keep checking our blog + social media accounts! 

 BABY UPDATE!!! Baby "C" is officially a one-year-old...HappyBirthday beautiful! And guess what she's getting for her birthday? A sibling! That's right, MosieBaby number two is on the way for this growing family. We ❤️that you guys made us a part of your journey. You are an inspiration!

BABY UPDATE!!! Baby "C" is officially a one-year-old...HappyBirthday beautiful! And guess what she's getting for her birthday? A sibling! That's right, MosieBaby number two is on the way for this growing family. We ❤️that you guys made us a part of your journey. You are an inspiration!

Photos: Megan Steen Photography

After Many Attempts Amanda & Jennifer Conceive With Mosie!

We tried Mosie for the first time and we finally got our positive. We'd tried multiple methods, soft cups, and syringe after syringe (since August 2016).

We liked the design of the Mosie as it was very comfortable and the short tip allowed for least amount of sperm lost. Prior to finding Mosie, we'd tried cutting a baby medicine syringe to have a similar affect and it wasn't nearly as comfortable, and also wasn't as effective when retrieving the sperm from the various cups.

We were successful mid January 2017, and Jennifer is due October of 2017 (currently 13 weeks).

We have actually already recommended Mosie to many of our lesbian friends that have struggled to conceive and those just starting the process.

So excited to see the positive! Thank you! 

Amanda & Jennifer, Houston 

Thank you both soooo much for sharing your story and providing REAL hope to others Amanda & Jennifer. - M&M

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