A Mosie Baby Review And Refreshingly Honest Portrait Of One Couples TTC Journey.

We normally don’t repost reviews, but this is really more than a simple review. If offers some candid insight into one couple’s TTC journey and how they arrived at Mosie. If nothing else the author is extremely honest about the TTC process and how it’s not always fun or sexy to try for a baby. She’s also quite amusing describing Mosie as “one of the less weird things” she’s bought on her TTC journey. We hope passing it along might take off some of the pressure and even prompt a Monday morning smile or two. You can read the entire review/story here.

Why Is Mosie Fertility Expert Marc Sklar's Favorite Insemination Tool?

Fertility TV's Marc Sklar recently asked if he could review Mosie. And we're happy to report he loves Mosie as much as we do (almost)! Check out this great conversion he and Maureen had that answers several Mosie questions as well as fertility questions in general:

  • Where did the name Mosie come from?
  • Why two Mosie's syringes per kit?
  • Why does your cervix plays a key role in the conception equation?
  • Can your partner help you discover your cervix?
  • Why are Mosie syringes single use?
  • What do you gain from using Mosie at home before visiting a doctors office?
  • How many cycles should you consider using Mosie before considering IUI or IVF?

Marc is an amazing resource for all things conception and fertility. His FertilityTV channel is loaded with insight on how to successfully conceive as is his Facebook page. And you can check out the original Mosie review here on his website. Learn and enjoy!

Mosie Insemination Syringe Kit In-Depth Review

Mosie Insemination Syringe Review

A few months back Your Fertility Guide's Lin Weinburg contacted us about reviewing Mosie and getting feedback from her clients. We sent her a few kits and she followed up with her initial thoughts the following week. To our surprise this was not the review. She's now completed an in-depth review of Mosie and included feedback from several of her clients as well.  We've included a few excerpts from the review in this post. And you can check out the complete review here.  

"Mosie feels extremely comfortable at just the right length. And it delivers on its promise to minimize waste. We found Mosie to be our favorite at home insemination kit that we’ve used or seen to date." - Lin Weinburg, Los Angeles based Fertility Coach

Here’s what a few of Lin's clients had to say:

"It’s thoughtfully designed, very easy to use, comfort level was 100% and we didn’t waste nearly as much of our precious frozen sperm."  - Megan and Sarah, San Francisco

"We are new to the TTC community with little experience of what’s out there. Having said that, I’m so happy to not have wasted any time with using various other methods some of my friends have used when they were trying to conceive. A big thank you to our incredible Fertility Coach Lin Weinberg for introducing us to Mosie." - The Chandlers, Los Angeles

"Mosie doesn’t leave anything to chance. I didn’t have to concern myself with how far to insert the syringe or if I would be able to pull all our sperm up from the cup. Easy Peasy. I wouldn’t change a thing about this syringe." - ASHA BALA, Culver City

Like us Lin is all about helping people make babies! As a fertility coach Lin specializes in egg health, pre-conception health and utilizing your DNA to significantly improve your reproductive health. You can find her at Your Fertility Guide and Spoken Origins.

Our thanks to Lin and her clients for taking the time to review our little insemination syringe! We love Mosie and we're glad to see that we're not alone. - Maureen & Marc

Mosie Insemination Kit Reviewed by fertility Expert

About a month ago we shipped a few Mosie Kits to DNA Fertility Coach Lin Weinberg to review.

It turns out she kinda loves Mosie! Not only has she become our first “official" reseller (Yay!), but she and her wife have decided to use Mosie on their own fertility journey (Double Yay!!).

Lin’s comments:

"My wife and I did our first home insemination today with Mosie. It was fantastic! No second guessing ourselves anymore as to how far to push the device inside or if we had gone far enough.  It didn’t waste any sperm and when using frozen sperm every little bit counts. It also felt really nice.  You have a great product. Thanks for creating it!"

Lin is the founder of Spoken Origins and Your Fertility Guide her speciality is helping folks get pregnant by incorporating their DNA into the equation. It’s cutting edge stuff and can be the missing link to the complicated fertility question.

We’re thrilled to know that she’s placed her confidence in Mosie and our fingers are crossed for a BIG FAT POSITIVE for Lin!