Genetic Setback Didn’t Stop Them From Achieving Their Dream!

My husband and I tried conceiving on our own for over 3 years. We finally decided to seek help and started numerous tests to find out why we were having difficulties. We found out that my husband has a genetic condition called Azoospermia, which means a zero sperm count. This meant that our only options were donor sperm or adoption. My husband's brother offered to be a donor. This was the only donor option my husband was comfortable with, and since it was a known donor, we decided to try it at home to save money. Fertility treatments are expensive and this seemed more private and comfortable. After researching, I found the Mosie Baby website. I had no previous experience, and had never tried any other product. A lot of articles suggested using a regular needless syringe, but after I found Mosie Baby I watched the informational video and started reading everyone's story. This product was specifically designed for what we were trying to do, and there were so many success stories using it. Given all the obstacles we faced, I decided to give it a try. The product came with detailed instructions, which seemed silly but were very helpful, and it was very easy to use. We expected it to take 3-6 months for a positive pregnancy test, but we received our first positive after the first attempt. I gave birth to our first baby, a boy, September 2018. Everyone has a different circumstance, but this product completely met our needs and was a vital tool for our success. Thank you Mosie Baby!

HD - Royal Palm Beach, FL

HD, what an amazing and courageous journey you guys have had! We’re so happy that the outcome was this little bundle of joy. We’ve been amazed at how thoughtful this community has been about achieving the goal of starting a family. This story certainly ranks among the top, and we know it will have a positive impact on others facing similar challenges! Sincere thanks for sharing. - Maureen and Marc

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An LGBT Man & Woman's Co-Parenting Journey Begins With Mosie!

My Post-10 2.jpg

Our journey began 7 years ago when we both realized that we were co-workers at the world-famous Abbey Food & Bar in West Hollywood and neighbors living in Downtown Los Angeles. After knowing each other less than three months, we became roommates, carpooling to work together and forging a friendship over shared work experiences, similar interests, life experiences as LGBT people and goals. Three years into our friendship, we found ourselves airing out our personal relationship grievances at work one day and separately arrived at the conclusion that our goal of becoming a parent would ultimately be a solo effort for both us. To our surprise, a co-worker suggested that instead of becoming a single parent, we should consider raising a child together because we were such good friends, and after a 30-minute conversation about out how that arrangement would work for us, our agreement was sealed with a friendly handshake and our co-parenting journey commenced. We discussed our conception options, taking all things into account; our friendship dynamic, our sexuality of being a gay man and a lesbian, our spirituality, finances, health and desired timeframe. After receiving positive results from a fertility specialist confirming we were both fertile enough to conceive without much assistance, we discovered Mosie Baby as a recommendation from a friend. The success stories, testimonials and price point gave us the assurance we were making a smart and educated conception decision, and after one week of attempting to conceive, we learned we were pregnant 4 weeks later. Today we have a happy, healthy, angelic son who gives us the best reason to live for and we couldn’t thank Mosie Baby enough for helping us realize our dream to become parents and accomplish our goal to co-parent together. We look forward to using Mosie when we’re ready for child #2 and growing our new modern family.


L & B - Hollywood, CA

L&B, You guys are establishing a new blueprint for modern families. Your story and the thought that went into this plan are amazing. We’re grateful to have played a small role. Love is love and we have no doubt that this beautiful little guy will enjoy lots of it! Our sincere thanks for sharing this remarkable story. We have no doubt others will find inspiration here! - Marc & Mo

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A 2nd Mosie Baby En Route For This Growing Family!

My Post-8.jpg

Marc & Maureen,

How are things? Merry Christmas 🎄 Hope you are having an amazing holiday season! We are checking in to say “thank you!” once again! We used Mosie on our peak day, December 7th, as I have been tracking my ovulation but we missed the month of October & November because we sold our home and purchased a new one and have been doing renovations. And Guess What!? This morning we got our BFP!!!! Can you believe it!? One time and we are pregnant (again!!)

Our little Isabella is 11 months old and I can’t believe that she is going to be a year old in less then a month!! We couldn’t of made our little family without you guys and we are so grateful!!

Merry Christmas and thank you once again!!


E & BJ - Kingston, NY

What wonderful news for your growing Mosie Family! We couldn’t be happier for you all especially big sister Isabella! What a journey it’s been for you guys, 4 failed IUI’s followed by 2 Mosie conceptions (read the original story here)…amazing. Thank you for sharing this happy news with us and allowing us to share with the community as we know it will inspire others! - Maureen & Marc

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My wife and I have been trying to start a family since September of 2017. We had two unsuccessful IUI’s; feeling a bit deflated we decided to take a break. We were inspired to try again after finding Mosie Baby and your incredible product. We tried for four cycles and were successful this last try!

The fact that Mosie Baby allowed us to try at home and provided an affordable alternative really makes this product the best on the market. Thank you for all your help.

We may have over done the testing 😄! But we are absolutely thrilled to say: WE ARE PREGNANT!

T & D - Tuscon, AZ

T&D, we love your story and your image…you can never be too sure! Warmest congrats on your success and our sincere thanks for sharing your inspirational story. TTC is not always fun and we get the deflated feelings that can happen. We know others will find hope in your experience. - Marc & Mo

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Back Problems Made TTC Difficult Until They Tried Mosie



I wanted to thank both you and Maureen for making Mosie. And I’d like this review to be anonymous since my husband is a bit shy with how we ended up needing to go about trying for a baby. I want to respect that but also leave you guys an awesome review.

My husband has had bad back problems for awhile now, and that made trying for a baby very hard.

However within the second month of trying, we conceived thanks to your product and helpful videos! I am a little superstitious so I did not say anything until now, but I am now five months pregnant, going on six, and we are expecting a beautiful baby girl! It is all thanks to your product which was so simple and easy to use, not to mention comfortable!

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you both, and I plan to use your product again when we get to the point of trying for a second baby!

Attached is a picture of my positive pregnancy test I took months ago.


JA - Phoenix, AZ

JA, we’re beyond thrilled for you both and your new addition! And we commend you both for choosing to share your remarkable journey. We’re here because of you and others like you that are not afraid to share their unconventional journeys to baby! Your choice to come forward will no doubt inspire others and result in more happy Mosie families! So thanks! -Marc + Mo

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Plain Old BD'ing Wasn't Working, So They Tried Mosie

MosieBaby Success

Hi to both!

I got my BFP on 7/5/18 and earlier this week was able to see AND hear fetal heartbeat!!

I had a miscarriage last year in November and we had been trying since then with no success. Sperm analysis came back as low motility. My husband had started taking supplements to help, but we still weren't having any success with plain old BD'ing.

Finally in June 2018, I was completely fed up and looking for other ways for help when I stumbled across y’all's website, having no idea it would completely change my life. We finally did it!

Using Mosie was so darn easy. It was comfortable and most of all, it was successful! All we needed was just the one cycle that we used the Mosie kit. And BAM! That's all the help we needed to start our journey.

Thank you guys so much for creating this easy to use and affordable kit. My husband and I are over the moon about finally conceiving our first Rainbow 🌈child.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

E & V - Austin, TX

(I've attached some BFP tests, because one isn't enough. I thought I was hallucinating when I got my first positive result, so I took a couple more 😂)

E&V, We love your story and (as fellow Austinites) the way you told it! Indeed “plain old BD’ing” isn’t a guarantee and for many it’s not even on the table! Your wonderful sense of humor made our day. TTC is not always easy, but a lighthearted approach certainly can’t hurt. We know others will find inspiration here! - Marc + Mo

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The Awesomeness Of Mosie!



I'd like to say THANK YOU for allowing my wife and I to try to conceive at home...and it WORKED!! We have only taken one pregnancy test so far, but still the excitement is already overwhelming!! Your product, by far, is so easy, simple and uncomplicated to use! We started trying in December and ended conceiving in February, so it didn't take long at all.

We did try an insemination device before Mosie, but it was large, awkward and complicated to use. I believe if we would have kept using it, we would not have ended up conceiving.

The size (Mosie) is also very nice. Thank you to all who were involved the the process to design this product!

Spring Update:

I haven't written you in a while as we've been very busy. But, I did want to share our gender reveal ultrasound picture... We are very happy to announce...IT'S A GIRL 😁!!

Sincerely Very Happy Soon-To-Be Parents,

A & T - Berwick, PA

Worth noting - the title of this story was subject line in the email we received…why on earth would we change it? A & T we’re so happy that Mosie was your answer and that a sweet baby girl is the result! Your exuberance is catchy and we have no doubt others will benefit from your decision to share your story. - Marc + Mo

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A Love Letter To Mosie From One Happy Couple!


Hello Maureen & Marc

With our 1st son we tried for 2.5 years to get pregnant. We had the assistance of multiple health professionals and many failed IUI’s. The entire process was supposed to be a wonderful bonding experience, yet the “process” of getting pregnant really took a toll on our marriage.

When we decided to try again I came across your product. We were determined to take the pressure off this time and try to actually enjoy the experience and connect, sans medical professionals. Because nothing says romance like frantically driving to the fertility clinic with with “the boys” siting in the cup holder LOL.

I’m elated to let you know that on our 2nd month of trying we got a big fat positive!

As of today I’m 8 weeks pregnant! My husband and I are a little in shock at how quick the process was. Thank you for such a wonderful product that really was easy to use, comfortable, and non-judgmental . Thank you for letting us accomplish something so beautiful on our own.

CT - Ontario CA

Your story had us both laughing and directly relating as it literally mirrored our own. It was 2.5 years and doctors visits for our first and a single weekend with Mosie for our second! It’s not always easy, but it’s certainly worth it in the end. Thanks so much for your lovely story as it will no doubt provide more than a few smiles and lots of inspiration. - Maureen + Marc


My Post.jpg

My husband and I have wanted a baby for a while now. I stopped taking birth control in April 2015; but around that same time my husband began having performance issues. And clearly a baby can't come into existence without ejaculation. 

It was stressful. I didn't want to talk to anyone about this because it was so personal. But my husband and I didn't really know how to talk to each other about it, either. So we just kind of put it off, talked around it, and ignored things. 

2016 was a really hard year. We were fighting all the time, about everything. We both hated coming home from work. We had given up on trying to have a baby at this point, and there were other things going on in the background, too. We were nearing a breaking point.

In 2017, we went to counseling. It. Was. Amazing. Ha, well not at first. At first, there were lots of tears and really big, hard things we had to work through. But we both owned and dealt with our individual challenges, and really came together because of it. This also allowed us to learn how to manage our couples challenges, communicate better and start enjoying our marriage again. It was a great experience for both of us, and by Jan 2018, we were ready to start trying for a baby again. For real this time.

We spoke to my doctor about IVF, etc. using my husband's sperm. She was all for it, but it was such an expensive option. As I discussed this with my therapist, she said, "Why don't you guys just try the Turkey baster method?" I had no idea what she was talking about! 

I had never heard of the "turkey baster method", but it made total sense. I spoke to my husband about it. He was in. But how does one go about choosing a turkey baster?! So, I did some Googling. Had a look on Amazon. Found lots of products and stories, but none that convinced us 100%. 

I don't remember exactly how we stumbled onto the Mosie Syringe, but am so glad we did! As soon as we started watching the videos and reading the articles, we knew we had to give it a try. 

We bought 3 kits. We had lots of fun and laughs figuring out how to use it correctly. We didn't get pregnant in Jan, Feb or March. But we didn't try every other day, either. Just on the one or two day/days my app said I was ovulating (peak fertility). 

I was traveling in April and May during ovulation time, so we missed those months. In June, we used the syringe every other day during ovulation week. Nada. And in July, we did the same thing. And it worked! Because I got a #bigfatpositive on the pregnancy test I took last week (on all 3 of them, actually) and we couldn't be more excited to finally be having our baby!!! Thank you, Mosie Syringe; we couldn't have done it without you!!!


K+R from Minnesota

K+R, We are so honored to share your inspiring journey together as a couple. Trying to conceive is a rollercoaster of emotions and stress for so many people. We’ve been there and can directly relate to your story…it’s not a “sexy” process after awhile! This stress can manifest in many ways and definitely get in the way of the “performance” part! We are so glad you two worked through your challenges and were able to find success with Mosie. We have no doubt you two will rock this next part of your journey together - congratulations and best wishes to your family! And one thing worth noting -Maureen + Marc

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Happy Mosie Baby Monday!


Hi Maureen!

Wanted to give you a heads up! We welcomed our sweet baby boy last Wednesday on 10/3/18! Born at 36 weeks thanks to Mosie!!!

How long had you tried to conceive? 2 months

Had you tried anything else prior to Mosie? No, we found Mosie online and others, Mosie had the best reviews!

Did you have any particular obstacles like low sperm count, PCOS, etc? “A” has a tilted uterus and terrible monthly periods, possibly endo but never diagnosed.

Any words of advice or encouragement to others trying to conceive with Mosie or thinking about using Mosie? Don’t give up!


B + A - Joliet, IL

Thanks to you both for sharing your adorable little guy with us! He’s amazing. And wow, so cool “A” conceived with Mosie with a tilted uterus! I think that’s the first tilted uterus success we’ve heard and will certainly provide a some hope to others. - Maureen + Marc

Say Hello To Adorable Miracle Baby "P"! We're So Glad She's Here!



My wife and I got pregnant the first time using the Mosie syringe. We tried in previous months using different methods but were not successful. After a friend told us about Mosie, we instantly ordered. It arrived just in time for our fertile week. On my 30th birthday, we found out I was pregnant. Our baby girl, “P” was born on July 6th weighing just 3lbs 5oz. She arrived 6 weeks early due to complications that resulted in an emergency c-section. We spent 17 days in the NICU where she was just a feeder and grower. We also found out that I had the beginning of a placental abruption and both of us could have died. She really is our miracle baby. She is absolutely perfect and we continue to spread the Mosie word to everyone we know :) We can't thank Mosie enough!!

KF - South Bend, IN

KF, we’re so glad you shared your journey with us! And baby “P” has our hearts exploding…to the point of not being able to pick a photo so we had to combine them! We’re so happy that you all made it through and everyone is doing great. And we know your story will bring a smile and maybe a happy tear or two along with some inspiration to like-minded others! - Maureen + Marc

They Tried Mosie Just Before IVF And Success!


Marc & Maureen,

We did it! The first time we attempted Mosie we were pregnant. We were one appointment away from starting IVF treatment. We had been trying for 2 years with no success. Below is a photo from today’s 9 1/2 week ultrasound. We are told we have a healthy baby with a very strong heartbeat. We are beyond excited and so grateful for Mosie!


V & B - Lafayette, LA

V&B, Thank you both so much for sharing. We love this story as it’s very much like our own 2.5 year journey. We simply wanted to try something else at home before IUI and IVF. And we’d like to be clear that our first child came from the help of a fabulous specialist administering IUI treatment while Mosie was still in development. We tell people she (our first) was the inspiration for Mosie and her brother is Mosie’s first success! The point is we simply wanted an option and decided to make that our mission, and we’re beyond thrilled that it has helped you and so many others! - Marc + Mo

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From Heartbreak to Elation: An Amazing TTC Journey


Marc & Mo,

Just dropping a little note to let you know how grateful we were for your support and kind words after our miscarriage in October. We took a little break, but are happy to report that we are pregnant again! My wife is 13 weeks and we're due in November. We used our last remaining Mosie syringe and are telling everyone how well this product works!

Thanks again,

A & S - Topeka, KS

So A and S originally reached out to us one year ago (October 2017) to announce that they'd conceived on their first attempt with Mosie (after 7 previous attempts!). They were obviously thrilled as were we. However like many things in life, things didn’t turn out as planned, and they unfortunately miscarried several weeks later. We didn’t hear from them for awhile and then received the note you see above along with a few images this past spring (2018). A lot can happen in a year. And this little family certainly had it’s ups and downs. But perseverance paid off and we couldn’t be happier for them. Just amazing. Wishing you both a smooth delivery and healthy new babe next month! - Marc & Mo

Side-note: This is the first story of this kind we’ve decided to share, but not the first occurrence. We’d like everyone to know that miscarriages are extremely common regardless how conception occurs. There is nothing to be ashamed of and although painful, there’s no one to blame. It happens. We encourage you to stay positive and engaged. Don’t give up. If you’re able to conceive once, you’re very likely able to conceive again. However if you’re experiencing multiple miscarriages, we highly recommend checking in with your doctor. Often there are very simple treatments a doctor can prescribe if this is happening to you. And if there’s any questions we can help with, please always feel free to reach out. We’re here to support you!

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Baby "M" Is Here Everyone! Say Hello To This Lil' Guy.


Holy cow what to say! I’ll keep it short because we have a NEWBORN!!!!!! Our MosieBaby “M” made his way into the world on 6/13/18 weighing 8lbs 8oz! We are at a loss for words on how to describe the love we have for him and at a loss for how to say thank you!! Mosie changed our lives and we will forever be grateful!!

Love from our family to yours!

M, G & Baby M


It was really fun when we started getting BigFatPositives from everyone…but the baby pics OMG!!! The smile factor is off the charts. Thanks so much for sharing Baby “M” with us you guys. He’s absolutely adorable and we’re privileged to have played a small part! - Marc + Mo

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Vaginismus Challenges Overcome With Help From Mosie!


Hi Maureen,

I suffer with severe vaginismus which has prevented us from having intercourse. It was always our dream to have a large family and my condition was preventing this. While my husband was patient and kind, I always hoped I could fulfill my purpose and realize our dream. We had been trying to have intercourse for a few years by this point, and were even sent away by doctors who didn’t know what else to suggest. After (what felt like) a year of research, I came across Mosie Baby and loved it instantly!! No other brand came close to how cool Mosie seemed! The cost was so worth it, minimal really. We bought a few kits and fell pregnant second time around!!! Mosie has increased my confidence in the bedroom and made me so happy. It was so easy to use, very comfortable and a bit smaller than a tampon!! We combined Mosie with a sperm friendly lubricant. If I could give advice, it would be not to delay. Buy a kit...what have you got to lose? Nothing!

T & A - Boston, MA

T & A, our thanks for your bravery in coming forward with your remarkable story. Seeing this community continue to pay it forward might be the best part of this journey for us. And women that suffer from vaginismus are among the most courageous. Wishing you both a healthy new addition! - Maureen + Marc

Painful Journey Ends Happily With A Little Help From Mosie!


Our story with Mosie Baby:

In April 2017 we tried our first round of home insemination using a hospital grade syringe, we got pregnant first try and we were SO excited! In May, we found out we had an ectopic pregnancy. After undergoing emergency surgery and having to have my right fallopian tube removed, we were just so upset and hurt. We were told by our doctor to try again in six months! During that six months, we researched the best syringes, etc., to make the process smooth for us the second time around. That’s when we came across Mosie Baby. We instantly became excited about the process again. Mosie Baby's website is so inviting and informational (in a fun way)! The packaging and everything is so beautiful and they have the nicest emails and videos to help with the process! The syringes were comfortable and easy to use, and the cup was definitely easier than the large specimen cup we had used previously. First try with our Mosie Baby syringe and we got a BFP!!! My wife & I are so happy to have found Mosie and we cannot wait for this pregnancy and our rainbow baby! Thank you Mosie Baby!!!!

Thank you!!

A & S - Duluth, MN

Talk about resilience! You guys are amazing and we’re so grateful to you for putting your story out there. And thank you for your kind words as well. We’re privileged to have had Mosie play a small part in your inspirational journey! - Marc & Maureen

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Surrogacy with Mosie brings adorable MosieBabies!


So Z & JP had originally written to us to announce that they had become pregnant with a surrogate (read the original story here) almost two years ago to this day. That story in and of itself was an inspiration at the time as it was one of our first reported. And it was just awesome seeing people realize their dreams their own way. They soon followed this announcement with a scan showing identical twins. Even more amazing, right?! And now Baby “C” and Baby “V” are here and as you can see just adorable. This family continues to be an inspiration for Maureen & I and our decision to create this simple little device. We knew Mosie could potentially help people, but when you see the actual families…it’s really pure joy.

Now go conquer Monday!

-Marc & Maureen

Patience and open-minded resilience pay off for this Mosie family!


Hi Maureen & Marc,

Where do I begin it took us 4 1/2 years to get pregnant with our daughter who is from my husband. We got pregnant doing IUI at a fertility clinic. When our daughter was 6 months old we wanted to start trying again. 12 IUIs and 2 sperm donor IUIs at the fertility clinic and nothing. We also found out my husband is clinically sterile. We found our sperm donor and wanted to do at home inseminations but didn’t know where to begin. I searched online for at home insemination and Mosie Baby came up. I watched the videos and went on the website. And I asked my husband if we should try it because he wasn’t going to be there to help me inject the sample as I liked that you could do it yourself with no help. Well 2 cycles later I’m pregnant.

Update 09/18

I just wanted to let you know that our little miracle arrived on Aug 22. at 3:31am weighing in at 7 pounds 5oz and 19inches long. The pregnancy and delivery went well. As of today Miss J is 3 weeks old and her personality is starting to show through. Thank you so very much for the product that helped us conceive her. It still feels like a dream that she is actually here.


The VB’s - Edmonton, AB

Open-minded and resilience are how we would describe you guys and this amazing story. We’re so happy to meet Baby J and know that she’s loved (and ADORABLE!). Thank you guys so much for sharing your journey. You’re all an inspiration and we’re privileged to have played a small part. - M + M

After Three Years Of Trying, They Tried Mosie And...Happy Dance!


Maureen & Marc,

My husband and I literally cannot stop smiling!! We ordered the MosieBaby kit when we wanted to get a jump start on starting a family after months of trying. We were so happy to find a local Texas company to help us out in our dream. After trying it out over a weekend, we anxiously awaited the results. We woke up extra early on a Friday morning to take the test. IT WAS POSITIVE!! My husband immediately rushed to the store to buy more, and they all read the same. *insert happy dance* We just had our first sonogram today, and it felt real...our sweet Baby "P" will be arriving New Years Day 2019!

Our background...

  • We had been off any kind of birth control for a little over 3 years, but have been actively trying to conceive (like hardcore tracking calendars and ovulation and such), for about a year. We were googling how much IUI and IVF would be, and the first thing that popped up was your site! Great advertising!! We were so lucky to see it!
  • The only thing we tried prior to Mosie was tracking ovulation. Y'all were our last stop before seeing a fertility doctor. Our best friends actually just went through IUI (and had a baby girl!!), but were so bummed they didn't hear about Mosie first!
  • We didn't have any specific obstacles. I previously had Pancreatitis, which my OB thought might somehow be a cause, but unlikely.
  • My advice in thinking about using Mosie would be to definitely give it a shot before anything else. It's so easy to use (thankfully!), and so less stressful than trying a fertility doctor first.

Thank y’all SO MUCH for everything!! 

M, A, & Baby P : )

M & A, We love your story and are so grateful you decided to's very close to home for us, both literally and physically (yay TX!). One of the best parts may be seeing the term "ya'll" used in a success story and we have no doubt ya'll's story with inspire others! Can't wait to see Baby P! - Maureen & Marc

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A Different Road To A Happy Family With A Little Help From Mosie!


Hi Marc,

When my wife and I first got together, it didn't take long for our dreams of a big happy family to become clear. We'd fallen madly in love with each other in no time and often spent hours talking about our future together with children. When we married on August 2017 we vowed to start trying for a baby. Being a same-sex couple, we knew our road would be different. I started tracking my ovulation and researching different options. IUI seemed so scary. We wanted a simpler more intimate option. When I stumbled upon Mosie, we agreed that it was the best option. It was a way that would allow both of us to have a part in the process, and the best part was that we could inseminate at home! It only took two tries but now we have a baby on the way! Mosie is a life-saver. I don't hesitate when I'm asked how this little miracle came to be. Thank you so much for helping families everywhere, including our little one. 

Thank you,
AP - Sacramento, CA

A different road but no less relevant or beautiful AP! We're so happy that you're realizing your dreams of a big happy family and that Mosie could help out! You guys are an inspiration! - Marc & Mo

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