They Found Hope In The Stories Of Others And Now Have A Story Of Their Own!


Dear Mosie Baby Team,

I’ve been married for a year and I have difficulty conceiving due to vaginismus.

When we found out about Mosie Baby, we found a new hope and decided to give it a try.

The first try was unsuccessful but we didn’t give up as reading your success stories made me believe that it is possible to get pregnant if we keep trying.

One month later, we tried again and to our amazement, we got a #bigfatpositive!

Thank you for creating Mosie Baby and we hope that it could help more people out there.

We Singaporeans like other Asian countries are quite conservative and thus not willing to open up regarding these kind of problems as it is almost like a taboo. We only heard about vaginismus after searching online about our difficulties. I really hope the awareness will spread throughout Asia and the rest of the world so as to make the world full of bundles of joy. :)

Lots of Love,

N & N - Singapore

N&N, Sincere thanks you both for sharing this. It’s a BIG DEAL. Your story, like the stories you read, will now be a source of hope for like-minded others. We learned about vaginismus from the Mosie Baby community when women started coming forward with their stories and we remain thrilled that Mosie has helped so many that suffer from this condition. Thanks again for sharing! - Maureen + Marc

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Vaginismus Challenges Overcome With Help From Mosie!


Hi Maureen,

I suffer with severe vaginismus which has prevented us from having intercourse. It was always our dream to have a large family and my condition was preventing this. While my husband was patient and kind, I always hoped I could fulfill my purpose and realize our dream. We had been trying to have intercourse for a few years by this point, and were even sent away by doctors who didn’t know what else to suggest. After (what felt like) a year of research, I came across Mosie Baby and loved it instantly!! No other brand came close to how cool Mosie seemed! The cost was so worth it, minimal really. We bought a few kits and fell pregnant second time around!!! Mosie has increased my confidence in the bedroom and made me so happy. It was so easy to use, very comfortable and a bit smaller than a tampon!! We combined Mosie with a sperm friendly lubricant. If I could give advice, it would be not to delay. Buy a kit...what have you got to lose? Nothing!

T & A - Boston, MA

T & A, our thanks for your bravery in coming forward with your remarkable story. Seeing this community continue to pay it forward might be the best part of this journey for us. And women that suffer from vaginismus are among the most courageous. Wishing you both a healthy new addition! - Maureen + Marc

A Mosie Conception After 5 failed IUI's, Vaginismus, and Pelvic Floor Therapy!


Maureen & Marc,

After our year long journey of trying to concieve, 5 failed IUI's, and countless days of struggle and heartache....we FINALLY got our BFP on our FIRST try at home with using Mosie. We are over the moon and are spreading the news about Mosie Baby to our healthcare providers, other same sex couples and anyone we know struggling to conceive.

I'd also like to add I've been struggling with vaginismus for 8 after seeing my wife undergo 5 failed IUIs...I knew I needed a more natural approach. Your product is well designed and so easy to use that it alleviated any and all anxieties! My wife and I were able to ENJOY the insemination process without the worries of pointed ends....can I do it? Will it hurt? How far to insert? Because it was literally as simple as inserting a tampon.....just way more fun ;)

My Pelvic floor physical therapist was so excited when I shared the information about Mosie with her that she's going to recommend to other patients struggling to conceive with vaginismus as well.

Thank you again!!!
M & K

M&K, honestly when we started this journey we could have never predicted a story like this. It’s simply amazing, and we’re “over-the-moon” that it’s ended happily with a little help from Mosie. We’re so grateful to you both for sharing as you are an inspiration. - Maureen & Marc

Positive Outlook, Research, and Mosie = Conception!


Hi Marc and Maureen,

I'm really glad to announce that I'm pregnant (5 weeks) and Mosie gave me lots of hopes. We wanted to have a baby for many years, but sex wasn't working well for me. I was so scared at first, but I kept myself positive and looked for many options before I go to a doctor. I wanted to do this on my own and then I found MosieBaby on YouTube. I tried with regular syringes twice, but they never worked well. I cried the day I ordered two Mosie 2-Pack kits. But it only took me one syringe, and I only had to try once. I'm so glad I found you. And you guys are doing a great job!!! I have no words to express how grateful I am :) I love you guys!! 

HD -  

We love you back HD and are so happy that Mosie was able to help. The best part of this is that you are NOT alone in your experiences and your decision to share your story will help someone just like you make a family of their own. Hopefully the cry that you had when you ordered Mosie ended with a another cry for happiness ; ). Wishing you a safe and healthy term and new addition! - Marc + Mo

Overcoming Adversity To Achieve Their Dream!


My husband and I wish to share our joy with you and also to express our thanks for inventing the Mosie syringe and making our dreams come true. For years we avoided the topic of having a child as I have been diagnosed with vaginismus, hence making sexual intercourse very challenging in our marriage. We convinced ourselves that its OK just the two of us and enjoy our love for each other. However, as years passed and friends around me started to grow their family, my biological clock is ticking, and I have an urge to have a baby too. My husband and I wanted something natural, hence not so keen on IVF or IUI. I searched on the internet and found Mosie. I decided to give it a go. The design is so slim that I have no problem using it given my vaginismus condition! It took us 4 cycles to have a successful result! At each cycle attempt, I've also been going for the acupuncture to support the implantation process. My husband and I were thrilled when we saw the results of the pregnancy test! I bought several kits and tested several times just to confirm our pregnancy! Words couldn't express our happiness, a dream came through! My mosie baby is due in 2018 and we look forward to welcoming our baby into our lives. Thank you Maureen and Marc for your invention, we are forever grateful to you both!

A very blessed couple in Australia

We love this story because we’d been corresponding with this new mama throughout the process, and we we’re so rooting for her family. And although it took a few months, patience paid off with this little prince! (Yes, this story was submitted in 2017 and now the little guy is here!)…we’re a bit behind, but YAY for baby pics! Warmest congrats once again to this amazing Mosie family. - Mo + Marc

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Vaginismus Pregnancy! Journey To Baby Ends Happily In London


Hi Marc & Maureen,
Having suffered  from vaginismus for most of our  married life, our sex life had really become a struggle. Luckily, we both understood each other and having a really patient husband was an added bonus! We decided to explore home insemination kits but were disappointed with what we had ordered from Amazon. The traditional syringe was just not effective and we soon gave up. Fortunately, to my surprise I found the Mosie Baby website and the videos produced by Maureen convinced us to make a purchase.
Our first attempt failed, however I conceived during my second month cycle. I truly believe that miracles do happen because when I saw PREGNANT on the pregnancy test my heart nearly skipped a beat!!!! We definitely weren’t expecting such a quick result but I guess it was meant to be! "Overjoyed" would be the perfect word to describe our initial reaction however even now entering my second trimester, it all still feels very much surreal.
I cannot thank Marc and Maureen enough for their constant support from the very first correspondence. They are truly one in a million who will exceed all your expectations and deliver an outstanding customer service. I felt a deep connection with them from the start and could sense their positive vibes through my Hotmail account. They really do build unique relationships with their customers and genuinely root for your success.
If you are in two minds about ordering your kit, I wouldn’t even think twice. It will be one of the best decisions you will make in your life and before you know it, you will also be adding your success story to this page!
Mr & Mrs K - London, UK

We're beyond thrilled for you both and your new addition (baby arrived this month!). When we started the journey to Mosie, we'd never heard of vaginismus and many of the other conditions and circumstances that stand in the way of making a baby. Our community continues to educate and enlighten us on the challenges we all face in our journeys to baby and the wonderful fact that Mosie has been a useful tool for so many is the cherry on top! Thank you both for sharing this inspirational journey! - Marc & Mo

Vaginismus TTC Struggle Ends Happily With Mosie!

Mosie Malaysia.JPG

Hi Marc & Maureen,

Thank you for such an amazing product. My wife found out about Mosie Baby through a random internet search. We have been married for more than 2.5 years and have been trying to conceive. It was a difficult journey as the gynecologist diagnosed my wife with vaginismus, which caused her to be sensitive during intercourse. We almost decided to do an IUI but did not proceed with it. When we discovered your product, we did not hesitate to make an order although it was expensive in our currency. Imagine paying around $530++ for your syringe in my currency, but it was worth the money spent. After trying around 7 months with Mosie, my wife was finally pregnant!! It was one of the happiest days of our lives.
The Mosie syringe is very unique as my wife felt very comfortable using it. It is unlike any other syringe where the edges are sharp and very painful to be used for insertion. One day, my wife did a pregnancy test and there were two lines. We were very delighted and excited to begin this new journey with Mosie and can’t wait for the baby to be delivered. God bless you.

Love from Malaysia,
J & F

We were fortunate enough to correspond with J & F throughout their journey and couldn't be happier to see their result. They actually opened up the Malaysian market for us as we'd never shipped to Malaysia prior. Thrilled for you both! - Marc & Mo

Overcoming Vaginismus With Humor & Mosie!


Dear Maureen and Marc,

A year ago my husband and I started talking about having a baby. We had been together for nine years and married for 6 months at the time. The only problem was that I have vaginismus. Sex had been impossible for our entire relationship, we had made adjustments early on and we were 100% ok without it! Until it came time to have a baby. Something I had been waiting for/dreading for a long time! 

After a few rounds of crying through physical therapy, my doctor looked at me and said, "You know there are other ways to have a baby." So I did what any desperate emotional person would do...I googled it. And do you know what I found? A success story on your website from a woman with vaginismus that had gotten her positive! I cried. And I ordered. And I googled some more! I was determined.

Mosie came in its cute blue box with the tagline "Let's Make A Baby" and I was already over the moon. My husband, who by the way is probably the most supportive amazing man you could ever have the pleasure of knowing, took on the role of the unlicensed doctor with a whole lot of dad jokes and we did our first round of Mosie. 

We got our first negative, but I was still hopeful! I read off statistics to my husband to make myself feel better. I wouldn't give up. So we went through 6 more rounds and a whole lot more crying. Until finally, those two pink lines showed up. We had done it! Mosie had done it! Mosie had stuck its middle finger up to vaginismus and won out!!! 

We’re pregnant all because of you! Vaginismus isn't something that many people talk about. It's an embarrassing subject and can be an emotionally debilitating disorder. But thanks to the courage of that one client to share her story, I found Mosie and I got my positive!! Thank you thank you for continuing what you are doing and for supporting couples like us! We literally wouldn't be where we are today without you! 


M + G + Baby H (Due in June!)

Also a note to future Mosie couples: Don't give up. I know that the unconventional ways aren't always the most romantic, but you have to keep your chin up! Find the humor in baby making and laugh a little! You will get there! 

M&G, it's our turn to be "over the moon" for you as we saw your orders coming in and our fingers were firmly crossed for you guys. And "humor" really is a key ingredient to this whole thing. Our first try with a syringe...we cracked up. It was a bit of a mess...but we saw the potential and here were are! - Maureen & Marc

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Couple Finds Success With Mosie In India!

My wife and I have been married for 4.5 years. We wanted very badly to have a baby, but sex is a sensitive topic for her and I took it as normal. But as time went on things did not change and eventually she was diagnosed with vaginismus. Then to complicate things further we came to find out that she had a cyst on one of her ovaries. She took medication for about a year to reduce the size, but it did not work. We eventually discovered pregnancy was still possible even with the cyst. So I started researching options on the internet: general syringes, IUI, and IVF, but none of them seemed ideal. Then I was introduced to Mosie and it was like destiny. Without any thought I placed an order. The process was simple and even better, it worked. It was like a miracle happened. Thank you for your beautiful idea to create Mosie. We really appreciate you guys. I really want others in India to know about Mosie as discussion about these things is not so open. 

Best Regards,
Mrs. & Mr. Singh, Punjab 

Thank you both for your bravery in sharing this amazing journey especially from a culture that is more discreet about such things. Wishing you both a healthy term and new addition!  - Maureen & Marc

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Overcoming Vaginismus With Mosie Leads To Conception!

Hi Maureen & Marc, 

I had the best Christmas present: I am pregnant and it is thanks to you :)

I had to use Mosie because I have vaginismus, which of course makes every intercourse difficult. It was okay until now, but as I approached my 30s I really wanted a baby. I read about the syringe method but thought that it was difficult because of the size and shape of syringes you can find in a pharmacy.

When I found Mosie I thought that maybe there was hope. I only had to use it once and it worked! 

I'm writing you all of this because I really wanted you to know how much you do for people like me and how your syringe can mean great hope for us. 

Thanks again to both of you!

CM, Quebec

We have to take a moment to thank this client (who chose to remain anonymous) for sharing this very important story. Mosie continues to melt our own hearts as it helps so many different kinds of people. We hope you find inspiration from this story. And CM we're indebted..

- Maureen & Marc