Wife & Transgender Husband's Joyful Journey To Mosie Baby!


Hello Marc & Maureen,

My husband and I are so excited to shares news of a little bundle of joy coming our way. And it’s all thanks to Mosie Baby!  We have always wanted to start a family. My husband is transgender so we always knew that it would be difficult and take tons of planning. We just wanted to say thanks for such a great product; after only 2 months of trying we got pregnant! Thank you so much for being such a big part of our family, and helping so many families like ours.

J & E - Whittier, CA


Hello Baby!

We're a bit behind posting our success stories, but we’re happy to say, J & E’s baby is here! And oh baby is it wonderful when we receive a pic of a beautiful lil' "mosie" baby!

J & E, you two are amazing. We feel like you've supported us as much as we've supported you. We're beyond thrilled for you both and incredibly grateful to you both for sharing your truly inspirational journey. -Marc & Mo

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Why Mosie Was a Great Conception Choice for Them


Hi Mosie,

My name is Leah and my wife’s name is Brenna we are now 15 weeks pregnant! Thank you so much for your product. We tried a traditional syringe first, and it didn’t feel comfortable, and it didn’t work. The (Mosie) videos really helped me understand exactly what days were optimal and we conceived the first attempt! We have already recommended your product to everyone in our community trying because this product works and takes all of the guess work out of conception. We will absolutely use Mosie to make our next baby!

Thank you so much!! 

L & B

L & B, Yaaay! Warmest congrats on your success and thrilled that Mosie helped you both in your journey. We tried a few "regular" syringes too and saw room for improvement. Your experience with Mosie in both the educational (video) and user experience aspects are what we're striving for, so hearing this from you guys reaffirms that it's working for people. Sincere thanks for sharing your experience, it's a BIG DEAL and will provide some hope and inspiration to others! - Maureen & Marc

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Low Sperm Count Isn't Always A Barrier To Conception!

My Post-11.jpg

My husband and I started trying to get pregnant in Jan 2017, after being cleared from a second trimester miscarriage 3 months prior (due to insufficient cervix). It took us 2 years to get pregnant the first time and I was dreading the long wait again. I started having mid cycle bleeding and was prescribed Metformin for 4 months. Those passed so the doctor added Clomid for another six months. As each month went by we got more and more discouraged. We knew my husband had low sperm count so when I learned about Mosie it made sense to try it before going towards more expensive treatments like IUI. The first cycle we were able to use Mosie we got our BFP! So on all we tried for 14 months unsuccessful, and only one cycle with Mosie. We are soo thankful for this product!!

Thanks again,

AM - Thomasville, GA

AM, thank you for sharing your incredible journey. We're over-the-moon happy for you guys! Low sperm count can certainly be a challenge in the conception process, but according to fertility specialist Marc Sklar Mosie can (and in your case did!) help you maximize your odds with what you have to work with! No doubt your amazing journey will inspire others. Our thanks again for sharing, Maureen & Marc

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Conception On Their Terms With Mosie!


We are two untraditional people doing things very unapologetically untraditional.

For as long as I can remember I have wanted a child of my own. I wondered how it would be to be a parent. Would my child look like me, have my nose, my lips, my eyes? You see my amazing "baby mamma" (BM) and I  are both gay. I've known her pretty much all my life and we decided to embark on the journey together. Did I mention she is a virgin? As if it wasn't complicated enough right? Yeah! So gay, BM is a virgin, and we are both single....crazy right?

I did research for years and for the longest time the only option that seemed plausible was surrogacy because…1. No sex with girls >_< ... ya that pretty much sums it up. I came across BM again after years of being out of touch and we were both talking about how we wanted children, and who would we have kid with. We both thought why don't we have a baby, together?!...BUT the sex thing was still out of the question.

I heard about this thing gay couples were trying. So I did a google search “the turkey baster method." and this video of this lady (Maureen) came up. She had this little device in her hand a cup and I suppose you know the rest.

She talked about another option. One that wasn't scary, intimidating or made me feel like I needed some type of doctoral degree to understand. I spent the rest of the night on the website watching every video, scanning every word. The next day I went to work and showed BM what I found. You could see in her face that she felt the same as I did with the process. After the first video she said this is it, this is the way we are going to conceive.

I went home that night and purchased a Mosie kit and we went for it. We had kinda watched BM cycle the month before so we had an idea of when to try: and hey we got two so we could try again if we were a little off.  Following Maureen's instructions we waited, well i guess we didn't have to wait very long because two-ish weeks later (Oct 22) we got a  +++++POSITIVE.  BM is 24 weeks prego and we couldn't be happier!

A process we thought would be long and grueling turned out to be fast, easy, and comfortable not only for me, but for BM also. We both want to thank you Marc and Maureen from the bottom of our hearts for taking the complication out of this. For making it possible for people like us; that never even imaged it to be possible to have children of their own have the chance to conceive. This is a dream come true THANK YOU MOSIE BABY!!!!

X & A - Pueblo, CO

Empowering a community and providing hope is at the heart of what Mosie Baby is all about and you two are a perfect example of what's possible when you have an open heart and mind! Our thanks to you both for "unapologetically" sharing this beautiful story! - Marc & Maureen



Vaginismus Pregnancy! Journey To Baby Ends Happily In London


Hi Marc & Maureen,
Having suffered  from vaginismus for most of our  married life, our sex life had really become a struggle. Luckily, we both understood each other and having a really patient husband was an added bonus! We decided to explore home insemination kits but were disappointed with what we had ordered from Amazon. The traditional syringe was just not effective and we soon gave up. Fortunately, to my surprise I found the Mosie Baby website and the videos produced by Maureen convinced us to make a purchase.
Our first attempt failed, however I conceived during my second month cycle. I truly believe that miracles do happen because when I saw PREGNANT on the pregnancy test my heart nearly skipped a beat!!!! We definitely weren’t expecting such a quick result but I guess it was meant to be! "Overjoyed" would be the perfect word to describe our initial reaction however even now entering my second trimester, it all still feels very much surreal.
I cannot thank Marc and Maureen enough for their constant support from the very first correspondence. They are truly one in a million who will exceed all your expectations and deliver an outstanding customer service. I felt a deep connection with them from the start and could sense their positive vibes through my Hotmail account. They really do build unique relationships with their customers and genuinely root for your success.
If you are in two minds about ordering your kit, I wouldn’t even think twice. It will be one of the best decisions you will make in your life and before you know it, you will also be adding your success story to this page!
Mr & Mrs K - London, UK

We're beyond thrilled for you both and your new addition (baby arrived this month!). When we started the journey to Mosie, we'd never heard of vaginismus and many of the other conditions and circumstances that stand in the way of making a baby. Our community continues to educate and enlighten us on the challenges we all face in our journeys to baby and the wonderful fact that Mosie has been a useful tool for so many is the cherry on top! Thank you both for sharing this inspirational journey! - Marc & Mo

Overcoming Endometriosis With A Little Help From Mosie!


I had an hsg to figure out why I hadn't conceived in 3 years, and it confirmed that I had endometriosis. After finding out I had endo I gave up trying for two months, but we decided to try on January 1st figuring it's a new year, let's try for a miracle. I was scheduled to have a laparoscopy to clear out my endo but before I could have the surgery I found out I was pregnant after the first and only month we used Mosie! We got our miracle!! I had my first ultrasound February 12th and OMG it’s identical twins!!! I was ready to give up the thought of ever having a family of our own, but Mosie truly saved us. Maureen and Marc are such sweet people as soon as I messaged them about our success, within our first month using their product, they responded rapidly and with genuine happiness for us!! They even sent us a little care package. I now recommend Mosie to all my friends and family having trouble trying to conceive! Thanks again so much!!

M&M - South Bend, IN

First thing we need to say is a huge thank you to you both for sharing your challenge with us and this community. We would have never known if Mosie could be effective with endometriosis without you both making the decision to share. This was the first endometriosis story we'd received up to this point and we couldn't be happier for M&M. We've since received another, which is in queue for sharing at a later date. But, wow, you guys are amazing. And, here's a neat little tidbit they shared with us...their friends tried Mosie once and became pregnant and then gave their spare Mosie to M&M who in turn became pregnant! We ❤️it! Please pass the Mosies! - Marc & Mo

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A Joyful Outcome Following Vasectomy Reversal And Mosie!


My husband and I have been trying since December (2016) following his vasectomy reversal procedure. I was 39 at the time and he was 45. His vasectomy was 16 years ago. Our urologist gave us great news that my husband's sperm count was very high. We immediately began charting, temping and using ovulation kits. We both already had children. My husband had two adult children and I have three kids the oldest is 14 and my youngest 12. We tried the "traditional" method and finally after 4 months of trying I found Mosie Baby on YouTube. We had tried a syringe before from a child's medicine bottle which hurt beyond belief...we kept trying, and the second month with Mosie we conceived and we are so excited!! Our baby is due to arrive in March of 2018. 

MK - Fresno, CA

MK, we're thrilled for you guys and look forward to seeing this little guy after his arrival this month!! So exciting (and what a remarkable story). Like you guys we tried a couple of different regular syringes and had the same experience...so we're glad you appreciate the consideration that went into Mosie's design. Wishing a smooth healthy delivery this month! - Mo & Marc

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One Month Before Meeting With Fertility Specialist...A Mosie Conception!



I just wanted to tell you how grateful my husband and I are for your product! We had been trying to conceive with no luck for 10 months when I came across an online suggestion for Mosie Baby. We decided to give it a try and after two months of using it we got our first positive pregnancy test (about a month before our scheduled appointment with a fertility specialist)!! Now I'm 26 weeks pregnant and we are expecting our son in early March!!!  Again, we cannot thank you enough for this amazing product!

EM - Fort Worth, TX

Saving anyone a trip to the doctor is always a good thing in our book! Warmest congrats on finding success with Mosie EM. And a safe and healthy delivery and new addition next month! - Marc & Mo

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Donor + Mosie - Stress = Happy Mama To Be!



I want to express my gratitude to the creators of Mosie! We did it all the first time, and we were pleasantly surprised by this result! Of course, we already had a successful experience with my donor. But it was almost ten years ago and with the help of doctors from the clinic. Then we went through medical and financial difficulties. Now with Mosie, we got a positive test on the first try and at a ridiculous price! I recommend Mosie as an excellent option for people who have found the ideal donor, but at the same time they are constrained financially. Still of course we won our prize without any temporary, nervous expenses. All in a natural way as it should be in nature! Please make this possible for all people all over the world!

Thank you!

IK - Potomac, MD

IK, your experience reinforces our mission...to provide a simple, well-designed at-home option at an affordable price! Warmest congrats on your conception and send us a baby pic! ❤️Mo & Marc

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Goodbye Unexplained Infertility, Hello Mosie Conception!


Hi Maureen and Marc!

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over a year and a half, and were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I started listening to Beat Infertility podcasts to help me cope and keep my chin up, which is how I heard about Mosie Baby...and we just got our BIG FAT POSITIVE thanks to Mosie! We are overjoyed, and I can't thank you both enough! We are so happy to contribute to your list of happy success stories!

Kind Regards,
KW - Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to send a pic of my big fat positives! I took a few because I just couldn't believe my eyes and wanted to see that beautiful line show up again and again!

This story mirrors our own (except it was 2.5 years for us) and this was why we originally embarked on this journey...little did we know how diverse our incredible community would be! And KW, we're thrilled you're on this "happy" list as well! And Heather's Beat Infertility Podcast is great (see link above), lots of good stuff there if you're looking for inspiration.  - Maureen & Marc

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They Decided To Try Mosie On A Whim And Voila!



Our story is short and sweet. My wife and I were married in December 2016 and knew we wanted to try right away for a baby. Being two women, we knew we would need a little help with the process. We were preparing to have a doctor do IUI when one day I found a video about something called the Mosie syringe online. We decided on a whim to try that first instead. I remember saying right after our insemination at home that I felt as if it had worked, even though my wife told me that was impossible. Amazingly, on February 1st (2017) we got our big fat positive test after just one try with Mosie! I type this now as our little Pearl lays in my lap asleep. I just wanted to thank you for making such an amazing product. Without Mosie we would not have the love of our life. 

Thank you again! 

SR Redmond, WA

We love hearing from our Mosie Mamas! SR had been updating us every step of the way and now Pearl is here! Goosebumps in our house seeing these images and congrats to this beautiful family! - Maureen & Marc

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Vaginismus TTC Struggle Ends Happily With Mosie!

Mosie Malaysia.JPG

Hi Marc & Maureen,

Thank you for such an amazing product. My wife found out about Mosie Baby through a random internet search. We have been married for more than 2.5 years and have been trying to conceive. It was a difficult journey as the gynecologist diagnosed my wife with vaginismus, which caused her to be sensitive during intercourse. We almost decided to do an IUI but did not proceed with it. When we discovered your product, we did not hesitate to make an order although it was expensive in our currency. Imagine paying around $530++ for your syringe in my currency, but it was worth the money spent. After trying around 7 months with Mosie, my wife was finally pregnant!! It was one of the happiest days of our lives.
The Mosie syringe is very unique as my wife felt very comfortable using it. It is unlike any other syringe where the edges are sharp and very painful to be used for insertion. One day, my wife did a pregnancy test and there were two lines. We were very delighted and excited to begin this new journey with Mosie and can’t wait for the baby to be delivered. God bless you.

Love from Malaysia,
J & F

We were fortunate enough to correspond with J & F throughout their journey and couldn't be happier to see their result. They actually opened up the Malaysian market for us as we'd never shipped to Malaysia prior. Thrilled for you both! - Marc & Mo

Mosie's 2017 Was Amazing, Because Of You.


When we say you, we mean “you”...our community. You blew us away with your boldness and bravery. Your amazing stories provided inspiration and hope to the next like-minded person looking for an alternative way to conceive. Whether it was an LGBT couple, a woman suffering from vaginismus, or someone ready for a baby even though they didn’t have a partner, or simply a couple that had “unexplained infertility” and just needed a break from trying…you guys not only tried Mosie, but you shared your struggles and successes and let others know that they are not alone! (Yes, that was a terribly long run-on sentence!). 

But it really was pretty awesome, as months went by all of a sudden we were seeing actual Mosie Babies in our inbox. Mosie had been out for a year and they started rolling in...it doesn’t get any better than receiving a picture of a new baby that Mosie helped make. The point is we’re grateful and humbled. And we wouldn’t be here without…YOU. 

So Happy 2018 & Thanks To You,

-Maureen, Marc, June, & Frank 

And 2018 ain’t gonna be no slouch…

We seriously couldn’t be more excited about this year. We’ve got so many cool things planned that we can’t reveal just yet…even though we REALLY want to! Check back next month for sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop though. 

Lesbian Couple's Sweet Mosie Conception Story


My wife and I had decided to go ahead and try to conceive. I was concerned because of my age (35) and all of the stories of difficulty conceiving. We had only tried for two months with Mosie, and I got pregnant on my second cycle! We were amazed at how easy it was to use the Mosie syringe. I happened to find Mosie while searching for at home insemination products and decided to take the chance. I am so glad I did! There was simply nothing complicated about the Mosie syringe or how to use it. The kit came with everything you needed. Thanks to Mosie my wife and I will welcome our first child!! Thank you for creating this product!!


We're thrilled that Mosie was the answer for you two! Your story is an inspiration both to us and this community. Our thanks for sharing! #nevergetsold  - Marc & Maureen

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Months of Disappointment Lead Couple To Mosie And...Conception!


Our story started back in 2016. We tried for about 6 months, and as each month passed it was a disappointment. I would wait eagerly each month only to be more discouraged. Around May of 2017 I began to research other alternatives and by luck came across Mosie. My husband was all for it. In fact he had mentioned this method a while back, I just didn't really believe it would work. After finding Mosie I ordered two kits. I read testimonials, and a few women said it took two tries. We tried Mosie the next month and even though my cycle came, it was a few days late. If there's anything I know about my body, it’s that I'm never late. We tried again the next month and this time I didn't drive myself crazy making sure I hit all of my ovulation days and what not. Low and behold July of 2017 came around and I didn't get a cycle. I took a test, several in-fact, and all were positive. We are unbelievably thrilled and are thankful for Mosie. I would recommend Mosie as it is the only syringe I know that is comfortable. Thank you Marc and Maureen!  You both are true lifesavers. 

K & S, Grayson GA

K&S, this is EXACTLY why we made Mosie. Trying To Conceive (TTC) takes it's emotional toll after several tries (24+ in our case!) and we needed a break to save our sanity and our sex life. We wish Mosie was available when we were trying, but thrilled that it's here to help others like you guys! Thank you for inspiring others by sharing your journey! - Marc & Mo

Same Sex Couple + Surrogate + Mosie = Family!



My husband and I have been wanting a family for many years. Unfortunately, adoption options for same-sex couples in Canada are far less numerous than in the U.S. Rather than play an endless waiting game, we searched for and found someone special willing to be a surrogate mother.
We've known people who've tried with the traditional fertilization kits that you can purchase for very little. Those had no success and involved a bit of guess work. We were tired of guesswork and wanted something to maximize our chances. When looking online and going though so many options, I came across Mosie's video that showed the ways in which they are different. 
They also made me feel like it was OK not knowing everything. I thought why not give them a try? At this point, I had spent a small fortune on medical procedures and legal paperwork. When we got the box in the mail with simple instructions and an easy to use product, the surrogate felt comfortable using it. The instructions even made us laugh, and that helped with the tension.
It took a few attempts (buy a couple boxes, it's worth it and produces less stress just knowing they are there). It was almost a shock when we got the little plus sign on the pee stick then went to the clinic the next day. We are still trying to play it cool with most of our friends and family as it's just a month. Lots can go wrong but lots can go amazingly right too. We wouldn't have this opportunity without the Mosie family. Although we are cautiously optimistic, we couldn't have gotten this far without you. 

-Happy Canadians

We LOVE unconventional stories like this! (We love the word "unconventional as well!) Talk about empowerment. Mosie is so much more than a "syringe" thanks to this community and the hope and inspiration it provides. Happy American's - M&M

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Goodbye Unexplained Infertility, Hello Mosie Conception!


Hi Marc and Maureen, 

We just found out this morning! It took two tries...we are ecstatic! After two years trying and lots of tests coming back normal we were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. In doing our research (online), we opted to give Mosie a try because of ease of use, cost, and the success stories. We’d considered a cervical cap, but liked Mosie’s design better and in the end found using Mosie to be a simple process! 

Thank you both!

C & J, Pickerington OH

We can relate to the frustration of test after test coming back normal. Unexplained infertility was the diagnosis we received and the reason Mosie and our son are here today. Thanks so much for sharing your experience C&J! -M & M

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Overcoming Vaginismus With Humor & Mosie!


Dear Maureen and Marc,

A year ago my husband and I started talking about having a baby. We had been together for nine years and married for 6 months at the time. The only problem was that I have vaginismus. Sex had been impossible for our entire relationship, we had made adjustments early on and we were 100% ok without it! Until it came time to have a baby. Something I had been waiting for/dreading for a long time! 

After a few rounds of crying through physical therapy, my doctor looked at me and said, "You know there are other ways to have a baby." So I did what any desperate emotional person would do...I googled it. And do you know what I found? A success story on your website from a woman with vaginismus that had gotten her positive! I cried. And I ordered. And I googled some more! I was determined.

Mosie came in its cute blue box with the tagline "Let's Make A Baby" and I was already over the moon. My husband, who by the way is probably the most supportive amazing man you could ever have the pleasure of knowing, took on the role of the unlicensed doctor with a whole lot of dad jokes and we did our first round of Mosie. 

We got our first negative, but I was still hopeful! I read off statistics to my husband to make myself feel better. I wouldn't give up. So we went through 6 more rounds and a whole lot more crying. Until finally, those two pink lines showed up. We had done it! Mosie had done it! Mosie had stuck its middle finger up to vaginismus and won out!!! 

We’re pregnant all because of you! Vaginismus isn't something that many people talk about. It's an embarrassing subject and can be an emotionally debilitating disorder. But thanks to the courage of that one client to share her story, I found Mosie and I got my positive!! Thank you thank you for continuing what you are doing and for supporting couples like us! We literally wouldn't be where we are today without you! 


M + G + Baby H (Due in June!)

Also a note to future Mosie couples: Don't give up. I know that the unconventional ways aren't always the most romantic, but you have to keep your chin up! Find the humor in baby making and laugh a little! You will get there! 

M&G, it's our turn to be "over the moon" for you as we saw your orders coming in and our fingers were firmly crossed for you guys. And "humor" really is a key ingredient to this whole thing. Our first try with a syringe...we cracked up. It was a bit of a mess...but we saw the potential and here were are! - Maureen & Marc

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Asexual Couple Conceive With A Little Help From Mosie!


Marc & Maureen,

My wife and myself are a case for the books in many, many ways. While we are very much in love, we are not able to have sexual intercourse. The reason is because it takes me literally hours to ejaculate due to having what I call "asexual tendencies." In other words, I'm almost impotent. My wife is asexual as well and the idea of sex is just not appealing to her. However, we are very much in love and the idea of a starting a family after we got married in August of 2016, was on our radar. We were determined to find a way to have children. But how in the world would it be possible?

That was when we turned not only to our faith, but also the internet! We'd heard about turkey basters and some very questionable practices that even surprised me! But one thing was for certain: there was no way we would be able to afford IVF, nor did we really want to. Then I found Mosie Baby! I showed my wife the videos of Maureen explaining how to insert the syringe and she was in total agreement. We ordered four Mosie 2-Pack Kits using the discount and began trying.

We were finally successful on our 6th attempt and are now in our third trimester expecting a baby girl in January. As we our people of faith, we do thank God, but after God, this is all thanks to you guys. You did this for us. We have no words to thank you for what you have done for our growing family. We are in tears writing this email knowing little girl has a world of love waiting for her here in our home, as well as with family members in other states and the countries of Germany and Costa Rica. The world thanks you for being the direct cause of bringing this little girl into the world. 

We can't wait to show you pictures when she is born!

Blessings, from

P & M, Arlington VA

Baby Update!

Nothing makes us happier than seeing beautiful little Mosie Babies! 

Side-note: P & M have been corresponding with us regularly throughout their journey - providing updates and images and just letting us know how they're doing. This post is a small part of their amazing journey and we're honored that they wanted their story to be shared with our community and know that others will find inspiration from this amazing duo. This community continues to amaze us. -Marc & Mo

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Why Is Mosie Fertility Expert Marc Sklar's Favorite Insemination Tool?

Fertility TV's Marc Sklar recently asked if he could review Mosie. And we're happy to report he loves Mosie as much as we do (almost)! Check out this great conversion he and Maureen had that answers several Mosie questions as well as fertility questions in general:

  • Where did the name Mosie come from?
  • Why two Mosie's syringes per kit?
  • Why does your cervix plays a key role in the conception equation?
  • Can your partner help you discover your cervix?
  • Why are Mosie syringes single use?
  • What do you gain from using Mosie at home before visiting a doctors office?
  • How many cycles should you consider using Mosie before considering IUI or IVF?

Marc is an amazing resource for all things conception and fertility. His FertilityTV channel is loaded with insight on how to successfully conceive as is his Facebook page. And you can check out the original Mosie review here on his website. Learn and enjoy!