Mosie's 2017 Was Amazing, Because Of You.


When we say you, we mean “you”...our community. You blew us away with your boldness and bravery. Your amazing stories provided inspiration and hope to the next like-minded person looking for an alternative way to conceive. Whether it was an LGBT couple, a woman suffering from vaginismus, or someone ready for a baby even though they didn’t have a partner, or simply a couple that had “unexplained infertility” and just needed a break from trying…you guys not only tried Mosie, but you shared your struggles and successes and let others know that they are not alone! (Yes, that was a terribly long run-on sentence!). 

But it really was pretty awesome, as months went by all of a sudden we were seeing actual Mosie Babies in our inbox. Mosie had been out for a year and they started rolling doesn’t get any better than receiving a picture of a new baby that Mosie helped make. The point is we’re grateful and humbled. And we wouldn’t be here without…YOU. 

So Happy 2018 & Thanks To You,

-Maureen, Marc, June, & Frank 

And 2018 ain’t gonna be no slouch…

We seriously couldn’t be more excited about this year. We’ve got so many cool things planned that we can’t reveal just yet…even though we REALLY want to! Check back next month for sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop though. 

Team Mosie

Austin, TX, USA